First 5k completed!

Oct 05, 2010

We had a great weekend visiting family and friends.  Attended my high school's homecoming for the first time in more than 20 years!  Also, attended my husband's college homecoming activities.  We met at his college homecoming 19 years ago!  We were non-stop busy all weekend.  But the biggest accomplishment was that we both participated in the 5k run/walk on campus.  He decided to run it...hasn't trained for it..other than his normal walking.  He completed it in 36 minutes.  Not too bad for someone who normally doesn't run, unless chased! LOL  And although I was hoping to be able to run at least part of it, I only walked.  No great time to report, as I ended up walking with another couple and we yapped the entire race...LOL  But the good news is that we weren't the last to finish! LOL  It felt good to complete the race.  And I have nice tshirt to prove it.  :)  Maybe next year I will be able to run it with my husband!  That would be so cool!  

Also, had a 23 year old guy at a party ask me how old I was!  LOL  He was pretty shocked, when I told him I was old enough to be his mother! =)  

I will check in again after my next appointment in November...unless something exciting happens before then! LOL  October is turning into a pretty busy month already.  So, don't be surprised if I am back with more updates before November.  =)


Just some observations...

Sep 25, 2010

Okay, so I have been noticing that people have been kinder to me lately.  For example the kids and I were walking into Old Navy the other day.  As we headed for the entrance and lady was exiting.  She was visibly in a hurry.  And she walked out ahead of us, not holding the door.  No biggie...rarely does anyone hold a door open for me.  But then as I reached for the door, she turned back to us and said, "Oh, I am SO SORRY!  I should have held the door."  What?!  That was weird...she was so sincere!!  
Then I have noticed that people have just spoken more kindly to check-outs and just in general.  Interesting.
Oh, and then last night we had to stop at Sam's Club.  The kids were thirsty and begging for icees.  So I sent hubby to check-out while I bought the treats.  I got a small cup for water for myself and a tea for hubby.  So we sat down and waited for the kids to slurp those nasty sugar-laden "treats."  While, sitting there I glanced over about four tables from us and noticed that the gentleman sitting there with his toddler seemed to be looking at me.  Odd.  He quickly glanced away.  But then I noticed him watching me again. This little "flirting" action between the two of us went on 3 or 4 more times. It was actually kinda funny!  LOL  Then the last time I decided to just go ahead and be more obvious and "stare' back.  Then we both smiled at one another...and he had the most gorgeous smile.  Wow...these types of things never happen to me... how odd. 
So, it seems although I have only lost 62 pounds... I am becoming less invisible!  I have been walking through life as this invisible, fat woman for so long.  It really is strange, but nice, to feel like I am becoming a valid human being again.  Kinda sad too.. because I don't feel like I am any different.  I am still the same kind, caring person I have always been.  But somehow being thinner makes me "appear" to be more approachable, I suppose.  
I wonder what life will be like when I reach my goal?  Will I have more opportunities?  How will people react to me then?  Hmmm...  What a journey this is!  =)

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6 weeks out...

Sep 22, 2010

Wow..has it really been six weeks since surgery?!  I weighed in this morning... I lost 5 pounds this week!  Yay!  So, I am now down 33 pounds, post-op.  And down 60 pounds, since starting this journey back in May.  =)  Wow!  It's really happening... I have never lost this much weight before.  
I have my birth control appt. in two days.  Probably a good thing!  I have pcos, been through fertility treatments with no success..and never worried about birth control.  But it seems that the system has decided to start working after all these years.  Not sure that I am fertile, but suspect that it is very possible.  So, I guess the timing is right to get things taken care of.  Still not sure if we will pursue a pregnancy in the future..but know that we must wait a year to 18 months before we even entertain the idea.  
Let's see, other thoughts or feelings I am having now...  I guess one thing I have been thinking lately is that I am wondering if food will ever be pleasurable again.  It's really weird.  I get kinda excited about trying something and it sounds really good to my brain.  But then I find that while eating it or shortly after, the pleasure or rush that I used to feel after eating something tasty is not there.  In fact I tend to not be interested in that item again.  Hmmm...  For example, I have made the refried beans with a little melted cheese and a taste of guacamole.  While it was good to have something different, I now have no desire to eat it again.  It sat well with my pouch too.  And then last night I made myself some plain greek yogurt with a little sugar-free cheesecake pudding mixed in and topped with a couple cherries.  Yum..cherry cheesecake!!  But guess what?!  No real pleasure was derived from it.  And after I ate it, I decided that I am not interested in having it again.  What?!!!  The old me would have ate the whole thing and then probably made myself another because it was so yummy.  I wonder, is this how normal people feel about food?  Has my tastes changed?  Will the pleasure return?  In some ways, I suppose feeling this way about food will make the journey easier.  But it's just odd.  Has my love affair with food ended after all these years? 


To 5K or Not To 5K...

Sep 11, 2010

My husband has asked me if I want to do a 5k run/walk with him in early October.  I am comfortable with walking the 3.1 miles.  However, jogging it is a different story.  I know it would be okay to walk the whole way.  But I don't want to be the last one to complete it either!  :)  Today, I tried alternating walking and jogging.  It went pretty well, but I am still very slow.  If I could get my time down to less than 45 minutes, I would feel better about signing up.  I have until the 24th to make a decision.  

Yesterday was my one month post-op visit.  It went well.  Normal routine, lab work, see the nutritionist, meet with the PA, and actually got to very briefly see the surgeon.  Everyone was happy with my weight loss so far.  Best part was that I got the instructions for advancing my diet over the next month.  I have two weeks of pureed foods, followed by two weeks of soft foods.  Then after that I am on to the general bariatric diet to be followed for the rest of my life.  I will tell ya..the 1 oz. of tuna I had at lunch tasted awesome!!  The 1 oz. of pureed squash was okay..and the 1 oz of sugar-free applesauce I could have done without. LOL  But it was good to feel like I had a balanced meal.  I also had a zero fat greek yogurt for breakfast.  The greek yogurt is starting to grow on me.  Really disliked it the first couple of times I tried it pre-op.  For dinner I will have the same 1 oz of each protein, veggie, fruit purees.  And I also have three 1 cup milks snacks per day.  Works out to be about 60 grams of protein.  Sure beats drinking double milks, cream soups, and yogurt.  =)  It's still hard to believe that I can feel full on 3 oz of food!!!  Wow!  That would have been a pre-meal "nibble" prior to my weight-loss journey.  

As of today I am down 53 pounds (includes pre-surgery diet loss.)  I am happy with that.  Shopped for some new jeans yesterday at the thrift store.  Came home with size 22's and 20's.  My thought was that I would have the 20's for a month from now.  However, I am amazed that I could fit into them now.  So I guess I will get to shop again before I know it!  

Don't think I posted about this..but had a great Labor day weekend.  Went to a friend's party and was hit front of my husband even.  It was really surreal.  Have not had attention like that from anyone other than my hubby in twenty years.  Everyone keeps saying it's because I am more confident now.  I think that may be it...because it's not like I have lost that much weight yet.  It was exciting, although I am very committed to my hubby!!  =)  Hubby's college homecoming is in October.  It will be interesting to see if it happens again!  LOL

Well, that's enough for now.   Until next time....

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Been Through The Desert...

Aug 29, 2010

Only without the horse with no name!  =)  On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
And the sky with no clouds
The heat was hot and the ground was dry
But the air was full of sound

Couldn't get this song outta my head today as I was walking our dry, dusty roads.  But I got in 3 miles before the heat got to me.  Was thinking after yesterdays 4+ miles, I would take it easy today and do 1.5 to 2 miles...but ended up doing three!  Yay!! 
I know I keep saying I am not going to post again until the 10th...but here I am.  Just so exciting to see myself purposely exercising and in the heat even!!  LOL


Another wow..on the same day!!

Aug 28, 2010

So, after my big walk today, I decided to go into town for a bit by myself.  Doesn't happen all that often, as I usually have 4 kids in tow..and sometimes the hubby too!  But I wanted to go to a particular consignment shop to see if I could find a couple things for Fall.  I found a pair of size 20 gray cords and 4 blouses in size 2x.  All my current clothes are 26, 24, 4x, and 3x blouses.  I fiugred well I would have to lose a bit more. But in another month these things might fit me well enough to wear in public.  I know the cords are a little stretchy, but I thought what the heck lets try them on and see how far off I am to fitting into them.  OMG!!!  They fit perfectly!!!!!  Now let's hope they aren't too big by the time the weather is cool enough to wear them in public!  I can see that this whole clothing thing is going to be interesting!  So I tried on all the blouses and they fit also.  Two of them I will be happier with when I lose about 10 more pounds though.  I think I am going to have fun with the consignment and thrift store shopping for awhile.  I know from my husband's experience, there's no point in buying anything full price in the next several months.  So yay...a big shock that everything fit! 

Also, while I was out I bought some new nail polish and a couple makeup items.  Just a small gift to myself for weighing in at 259 today!  That means I have lost 30% of my excess weight.  Each time I hit a new goal I am treating myself to something.  The next goal will probably take awhile to reach and I plan to treat myself to something a little nicer...maybe a new hairstyle.  Not sure yet.  I bought myself a new Vera Bradley purse when I hit the 20% wt. loss goal.  

Well, enough rambling.  Back to my plan to not blog again until after my appt. on the 10th.  :0)

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Take Me Home Country Roads...(WOW)

Aug 28, 2010

Couldn't help but think of that old song, "Take Me Home Country Roads, Back to the Place Where I Belong..."  I set out for my normal 1/2 hour walk.  My dear sweet husband offered to go along.  Of course I was happy that he offered and looked forward to the company.  Well, we live on a rural gravel road with pretty rolling hills.  Anyway, we set out for my normal route, which is about 1.5 miles.  But when we reached the blacktop, where I normally turn around and head back toward the house, he suggested we follow the black top over to see why the main road was closed to through traffic. I said, "Okay...I suppose I can climb that hill, as it is black top at this point, then we can see over the hill, find out what is going on with the construction and then turn back for home."  Well, we climbed the hill and then he had the bright idea to walk on down to see exactly what was being done..and then suggested we could go on up the next hill, then turn on the next gravel road..following it to make a huge square (more or less) and back to our house.  "Uh...okay...I guess.  But if I die on the side of the road, you will have to go get the van and drive back for my body!" I said.  So yeah...I made it up that hill...and found that the next gravel road has even more rolling hills than ours!  And finally made it over to the next gravel road that would take us back to our road.  Yet more HILLS!!!  As we were walking up the biggest hill, I told my hubby that just yesterday our 5 year old daughter had asked me if our hills were mountains!  Of course we were in the van on the way to town and I told her, "No, honey those are just small hills.  Mountains are humongous."  Humongous was her big word for the day.  And we stopped at the bookstore where she flipped through a large picture book of real mountains.  But as I was climbing the largest of the hills today, I feel a bit like I was climbing a mountain!  :0)  Maybe she was right!  LOL  And if that isn't enough..all the traffic was being re-routed along the same roads we were walking.  Talk about was crazy..and normally we would see one or two cars at most on the gravel roads.  It's a good thing I am not allergic to the dust.  Anyway, we made it back home...totaled up the mileage...just over 4 miles!!!  Not bad...did take longer than a normal walk on blacktop though...gravel is pretty hard to walk on...and well the hills are still pretty tough on my 260 pound body.  But I am pretty psyched that I did it!!  If hubby had stayed home, I am sure I would have just taken my normal 1/2 hour walk.  So anyway...a pretty big WOW moment for me today.  :0)

Two Weeks Post-Op

Aug 24, 2010

Today is two weeks post-op and I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 18 pounds in those two weeks.  I am now down 45 pounds since I started the pre-op diet at the end of May 2010. 
This feels great!  It's the most successful I have ever been.   
Things are going well.  I am drinking my water, drinking my double milks, and have a bit of yogurt or a bit of cream soup once or twice a day.  It is hard to get all three double milks in at this point.  
Exercise is going well.  I take 30 minute walks daily...some days I take two. 
My incisions are healing nicely.  The glue is slowly wearing off...of course it's itchy...but at least I have had little to no pain post-op.  Very thankful for that!!  
My next post-op appointment at the University is September 10th.  I did call them this past Monday about my dark stools.  Was a little worried that maybe I had an upper GI bleed or something.  They reassured me that it is most likely dark because of the iron.  And my one episode of light headedness in the shower is probably due to slight dehydration.  So I am trying to up my liquid intake.  My blood pressure is awesome!!  I still can't believe that I have not taken my bp meds since the day of surgery.  Wow!!  Major wow!!!  :0)  I had been on meds for years.   I hope I never need them again.   Of course getting off those doesn't mean that I have less meds and vitamins to take!  I actually have more now with the prilosec (for 30 days) and the actigall (for 9 months) and the slew of vitamins.  I made a schedule and check thngs off so I don't forget to take everything.  I need to dig out the medicine sorter that hubby used when he first started out.  He doesn't use it he is so used to taking his daily vitamins.  Personally, I am afraid I will forget if I don't have a check off or pre-sorted set.  I am sure in time it will become a habit though.  
This week we are easing back into our home school schedule.  Next week we should be going full swing.  My oldest (4th grader this year) is going to instrument selection day on Monday.  He has the opportunity to play in the home school assistance groups  beginner band.  He thinks he wants to play the trumpet or the drums.  Who knows what he will actually decide on though.  :0)  I hope he doesn't change his mind.   
Well, that's it for this update.  Unless something really WOW happens...I will plan to update after my Sept. appt.  


Oh What A Night!!

Aug 17, 2010

Oh what a night!!!  Last night (Day 5 after RNY) I was able to sleep on my favorite sleeping position with no pain!  Got the best night of sleep since before surgery.  :0)  
Let's review yesterdays happenings at my first post-op appt. etc.  We dropped the kids off at a friends and headed down to the University around noonish.  Took forever to find a parking spot.  Ended up walking back to the car two times...duh.  First we were to the parking garage elevator and I realized that I had forgotten my bottle of water.  Then, we actually got all the way into the gigantic university complex and I realized that I had forgotten my paperwork.  So back to the car on the 4th floor  again!  I guess I needed the exercise. Remember the 4th floor, I will tell ya about that in a little bit!  :0)  So, finally 15 minutes later, we arrive at the digestive center.  Check-in...get called in for vitals and more lab work.  Then wait for PA to see me.  He came in reviewed my paperwork and checked me over.  Then the best part....DRAIN REMOVAL!!!!!!!!  I was so happy to get that annoying thing out!  Then I made my next appt. for three weeks from now.  And back to the room to talk to the dietitian.  She was happy with my progress and told me to go ahead and bump up to the next eating level.  Yay...I now get to add double milks and cream soups and yogurt.  Yay!  Also, I am to go ahead and start my vitamins and will start the actigall in a couple days.  This has been so easy....I really can't believe it.  So we leave the appt.  I jokingly say to my husband, "Race you back to the car!!"  I would have never won that race because my husband is so thin now and can outwalk me...but just wait...I will be like him eventually.  :0)  So, remember the fourth floor....that's where we parked in the garage.  Well, when we got to the elevators I ......YES I.....this would have never come outta my mouth in a million years..LOL.....I SUGGESTED WE TRY TAKING THE STAIRS TO THE FOURTH FLOOR!!!!  And so we did!  And I didn't even have to stop and gasp for air....I was breathing a little deeper at the top...but I didn't stop!!!!  So amazing!
After that, since we didn't have the kids along, we stopped at the Korean market to pick up a few recipe supplies and some snacks that the kids like.  Then we stopped at the Whole foods type market...found some awesome teas.  My husband likes to make tea at work.  They had so many jars of loose teas to choose from.  He ended up with Minnesota Blueberry and Chocolate Mint.  Yum.  Tried the MN Blueberry and it was awesome!!!!  Now I wish we had bought more, as he will take these little baggies to work with him.  :0)  So then we headed back to toward home.  I thought we were going to pick up the kids, but instead we stopped at Lowe's to pick up some lumber.  Hubby is building a work room in the garage, while he is off "taking care" of me.  :0)  Then we stopped at Sam's Club to get MILK.  Finally, we were back to my friends house to pick up the kids.  They had a great visit.  Her kids are about the same ages as they have a blast together.  Finally, made it home about 7:30 pm and unloaded the car.  I tried a "Chocolate Malted Milk" for my dinner.  It's skim milk with sf choc. syrup and a little Horlick's Malt powder all mixed together.  It wasn't too bad.  :0)  
Well, that was my busy day.  Today will be a much more laid back day.  And hubby is heaading back to work tomorrow.  So life goes back to the usual routine then, I suppose.  Not sure when I am going to get the kids started back to school.  Maybe next Monday.  We home in some ways they are always learning...but it is soon time to pull out those math books and get crackin'!  :0)
Oh yeah....I forgot to update my weight loss.  I lost 9 more pounds since my last visit to the clinic.  I am not sure how much was before and after the surgery...but I "think" 7 of them were after the surgery.  And this morning when I weighed myself I have lost 3 more....that big visit to the bathroom last night helped that number! LOL  So I guess I am really on my way and this sugery just may actually work for me.....:0)
I probably won't update again until my next appt. 9/10/10.  Unless, something cool happens before then!  :0)  


Break on through to the other side!!!

Aug 15, 2010

Break on through to the other side...yep that's just what I did!  Sorry I have taken a few days to update  my blog.   Let's catch up!  :0)

I arrived at the university at 5:15 am on the 11th.  Found our way to the sugery check in desk and was immediately called back to begin prepping for surgery.  Hubby and all four kids were along for the ride!  Everyone was suprised that the kids were along...but since they were so well behaved everyone was very accomodating to them. 
After wiping down again with the antiseptic wipes and changing into my gown, the nurse came by to go over  all the information and to do the vitals and such.  She drew blood for a type and cross.  Then I (we) waited for anesthesia to come by and go over their part of the process.  The anesthesia nurse ran my iv.  Then they told me it would be about 15 more minutes before they wheeled me off to the surgical suite.  Alas, 7:15 had arrived and I said my goodbyes to the hubby and kids.  The ride through the hospital to the surgical suite was interesting.  And even up to this point I still had no real concerns or nervousness at all.  I still can't believe how remarkably calm I  have remained throughout all the preperation starting in May up until  they put the mask on my face.  In fact I even cracked a few jokes in the surgical suite, before going under!  My first one being that the suite seemed much smaller than I had expected.  The PA who was the only person in the room that I knew, as he meets with me at all my appts, asked if I thought it was going to be an arena.  I laughed and said , "Yeah, I was thinking it would be complete with stadium seating!"  LOL  They were all  very busy prepping me and moving to the table and such.  Then the PA asked me as I was breathing through the mask, if I had any other questions.  I of course could only think of another joke and cracked up the entire surgical team by asking, "Yes, one last question, Is it too late to order breakfast?"  LOL  The PA laughingly said he would put in a nice order for an ounce of water...but not until the first morning after the sugery!  Such a nice guy!!!!  :0)  Then that's it....nothing after that.  
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, the surgeon calls my husband at 10:30 am and tells him that I made it through an uneventful surgery and he could see me as soon I got out of recovery and up to my room.
Back to me, I woke up in recovery at 11am.  My very first words were, "OW! That hurts...moan..."  Then the nurse said she would give me some pain meds.  I said to her, "Well, it's not really pain...just pressure under my rib cage."  She asked if I was naseous (sp?) and I said no, not at all.
So she gave the pain med.  Anyway...I was mostly awake and alert and ready to see my family.
Here is where the problem started!!!  No problem with me or the surgery...just a problem with my room being available.  I ended up waiting in recovery for SIX HOURS!!!  They kept apologizing to me that they couldn't take me up...and there were some unruly patients who made the time entertaining.  They were going to sneak my family into recovery to see me had it not been for the man screaming obscenities at everyone who would listen to him.  They were afraid that would be too traumatic for my kiddos.  So instead they called my husband and allowed me talk to everyone on the phone.  
Fast forward almost 6 hours...the doctors on my floor came to find me in recovery...again apologizing...and telling me that I was already doing so well that they expected I would be going home early.  :0)  
So finally at 5:15 pm, the previous patient was gone, the room was cleaned and I ARRIVED to my private room!!!!!  The nurse said I could try to stand up in a couple hours if I was ready.  I said, "CAN I GO FOR A WALK NOW?"  She was shocked and said yes I could try.  I was so ready to get out of that bed!  I went three laps and was gone for about 10 or 15 minutes.  Yay!!!  That felt good to get up.  Then I sent my hubby and kids back to the hotel.  I am sure they were extremely exhausted!!
So, to make a long story just a bit longer....I ended up doing extremely well...used the pca button three times the first night and had one pain pill orally the next day at noon.  Walked, drank..did great.  Was told I was ready to be released at 5 pm the day after surgery.  And left the hospital at 6:30pm on Friday the 13th.  Since hubby had already paid for the hotel room, and the kids wanted to spend one more night playing on the 100ft. pool slide, we spent Friday night at the hotel.  Then Saturday morning we took our time getting ready to leave for home.  We only live an hour away from the hospital but with the kids there for the duration the hotel stay for three nights was a very good investment.  We headed for home...but stopped 1/2 way so that I could get out and walk.  They want you to not sit at a 90 degree angle for more than 30 minutes to help prevent blood clots.  So, we stopped at Walmart...of course the store I love and hate at the same time!   I walked around there for a little more than a half hour and was then ready to head on home.  Let me just say that the entire store smelled bad to me....It was weird.  I have never noticed it before...but the freezer section smelled like freezer burn and the dairy section smelled like soured milk...and the usually nice smelling Subway bread smell at the front of the store just didn't have the same appeal at all.  Strange....very strange....
Well, that's the story of my surgery.... tomorrow I am going for my first post op appt.  I hope I have lost some weight!  And more than anything, I hope they remove this useless drain that clogged internally shortly after arriving home.  Since the morning of day three I have been changing the pads, as all the drainage is seeping out around the drain..rather than into the drain.  Yay, rah...NOT!!!  My only complaint about the entire surgery...oh well.  I will update tomorrow.... and talk more about the eating aspects so far...


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