January 2009

Jan 24, 2009

1-24-09 I can't believe how fast time flies . lol . I know that's a cliche' , but it's true . I've been back to work for almost a month & a half . The weather was so crazy , as everyone knows , in December & the 1st part of January . I feel lucky that I got through it unscathed . January has started out pretty good . I feel better in my body , since I had my Abdomnioplasty . It's not perfect , but wonderful compared to pre-op . My clothing choices are much better . It is still hard for me to shop for clothes . It's all in the head . My relationship with one of my two best friends  (Cathy) , which fell apart about 9 months ago , seems to have become repaired . That was a big loss to me . I am really happy about that . Sometime this spring i'm going to visit my other best friend (Lin) , who moved to Georgia last June . I'm looking forward to that , big time . She lives in a suburb of Atlanta . We're going to go to the American Girl factory . I'll get Kati (11) a doll , that looks like her . She's always wanted one . Today i'm going to go to a get together in Issaqua . The Washington OH Board people are getting together , there . I'm looking forward to it . But , I have a hard time meeting new people . I suck at remembering names , & beginning small talk . Once comfortable I don't stop . My family used to say that they named the Chatty Cathy doll after me . lol .


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