October 1st 2009

Oct 01, 2009

Well , Monday was my 3 year anniversary of my surgery . I met my goal a little after 1 year . I have maintained my current weight 163-168 easily . I take my supplements religiously . I don't weigh myself often . My clothes tell me more than the scale . I'm having a really hard time with the loss of my Mom (4-08-09) . I swear it gets harder by the day . A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor , about a benign lump on my arm . I had a complete meltdown . I am not a crier . I've had this doctor for over 25 years & never cried in front of him . I miss my Mom so much . I feel overburdened & under appreciated . I feel alone & a loss of all I know . I am a controller & have no control over life's events . My world is off kilter .
On top of it all we've had major cuts at work . Almost 1/2 of my dept has been laid off or reassigned . I will be returning to the wood shop . I used to work there , but got burned out . It is very demanding . I will miss several of my "people" who I work with . They live there & I adore them .That is harder than anything . I'll get through it , I always do .  


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