April 2009

Apr 26, 2009

4-26-09 Wow , I haven't posted in a long time . My Mom has had COPD for many years . She was considered end stage emphysema for many years . This winter she was hospitalized four times in 2 1/2 - 3 months . #1 was Pneumonia & Anemia .  #2 was a different strain of Pneumonia & they said she had congestive heart failure . They put her on Coumadin . #3 She fell on her rear & almost bled to death . They gave her blood & took her off of the coumadin . #4 she fell four times in the early hours of Sunday April 5th . The last time , she fractured her wrist . My son Chris , who had been caring for her , had her taken to the hospital . I thought they'd fix her arm & she'd be okay . Her oxygen level was okay . The doctor told me her arm was the least of her worries . Her carbon dioxide levels were sky high . That was why she was getting more & more incoherent & falling . The pulmonary doctor put her on prednisone & a B-pap . I was her Power of Attorney . That evening , after us being there for 8 hours , she didn't remember why she was there & wanted her family . The next day I went to the hospital & met with the doctor . He said the treatments weren't working & our family needed to decide what to do . Being the decision maker in the family , I chose to let her life end naturally , but with comfort . I went to Mom & told her they were going to give her meds for her arm & take off the B-pap , that she hated . I asked if she understood . She shook her head yes . They gave her a shot of ativan & morphine . Then they started a morphine drip . When she was relaxed , they removed the mask . She was never concsious again . They moved her to the oncology wing , so we could stay with her 24/7 . She passed away at 2:03 am April 8th 2009 . My sister & I were with her the whole time . I miss her so much . As I was going home , while it was still dark , a white bird flew over my head .


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