June 2012

Jun 25, 2012

It's been a really long time since i've posted on my blog . I've had a really hard time lately . In the last 9 months i've managed to regain aprox. 30 pounds . I hate it . I need to get back on track . Big time ! Tomorrow morning i'm getting a digital scale , as my regular one isn't accurate . I had concidered joining Weight Watchers , but I can't really afford it . And i'm not ready for that . I know if I get back to basics , I can take it off again . There are several reasons for the gain .
#1 - saltines with unsalted tops . I started on these because I thought they were better than chips . They sooth my stomach (ulcer) . They are high in calories .
#2 - Neurologist has me on a couple meds known for weight gain . One that was the worst I am no longer taking as of a week ago .
#3 - Menopause . I believe i'm in the throws of menopause . I'm having trouble sleeping , procrastination , depression , & anxiety .


May 24 2011

May 24, 2011

I'm so bad ! I haven't updated in a long time . I am still doing well weight wise . I have been eating too much crap . I need to stop that . Luckily my job is very active . I am still very good about my protein shakes . I still have many wow moments . Today a couple men complimented me . Unfortunately they are married . They weren't hitting on me , just being appreciative . lol . I think I scare single guys . I'm pretty blunt . I work in the woodshop at Rainier school , an institution for the DD . I do like my job & my co-worker . he's like 7 years older than I am & afraid all women want him @ work & he won't date co-workers . Lol . He's not as conceited as he sounds .

February 2010

Feb 01, 2010

Feb 1
I can't believe it's already February . Good news , I took off the 5 pounds I gained . It must have been PMS weight . This is definatly soup weather . Last week I made homemade chicken soup . this weekend I made minestrone . Yum .
Saturday my cousin (Jacob) , who is Michael Buble's Saxaphone player , was on SNL w/Buble' . He got a lot of airtime too . There are more thatn one sax player , I believe . My cousin is the handsome hispanic sax player . He has been on a lot of shows & played all over the world . I'm so proud of him . I still haven't gotten an autograph of Buble' , though . Oh well . 

January 2010

Jan 18, 2010

Wow , time flies ! The holidays were rough . On top of it , the governor wants to close the institution i've worked for for over 25 years . I am a Vocational Trainer for the developmentally disabled adults . I run a full fledged woodshop . I love the work , but it's taking a toll on my knees . I was hoping for more plastic surgery , but I know now that I need my knees replaced more . Oh well , such is life . I am getting ready to paint & make minor repairs on my late Moms home . We will be putting it on the market , soon . As soon as I get the painting , etc... done I will get my right knee done .Emotionally this has been difficult for all of my family . My sister , who is mentally & physically ill , is no help at all . Thank goodness my sons are willing to help . My youngest son is living there . Unfortunatly he's very messy . I don't know how i'll get the house clean enough & keep it that way to sell it . I have gained 5 pounds , which isn't the end of the world . but I did go buy lots of fruit & veggies today .

1-30 The month is almost over . i can't believe it . I managed to get to my support group for the first time in months . My self esteem has always sucked . I feel like when I go , I have nothing new to offer . I also feel like I talk too much & people might think i'm a know it all . More proof that I had surgery on my stomach , not my brain . Thepeople at the support group are wonderful & don't make me feel that way . It's all on me .

October 1st 2009

Oct 01, 2009

Well , Monday was my 3 year anniversary of my surgery . I met my goal a little after 1 year . I have maintained my current weight 163-168 easily . I take my supplements religiously . I don't weigh myself often . My clothes tell me more than the scale . I'm having a really hard time with the loss of my Mom (4-08-09) . I swear it gets harder by the day . A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor , about a benign lump on my arm . I had a complete meltdown . I am not a crier . I've had this doctor for over 25 years & never cried in front of him . I miss my Mom so much . I feel overburdened & under appreciated . I feel alone & a loss of all I know . I am a controller & have no control over life's events . My world is off kilter .
On top of it all we've had major cuts at work . Almost 1/2 of my dept has been laid off or reassigned . I will be returning to the wood shop . I used to work there , but got burned out . It is very demanding . I will miss several of my "people" who I work with . They live there & I adore them .That is harder than anything . I'll get through it , I always do .  

Aug 18 2009

Aug 18, 2009

Wow , I sure am bad about posting now-a-days .
On Aug 8th , my family had a mini family reunion . The Carlson side has dwindled to a small group , despite Anthony's efforts . We had a great time . The time went too quickly , of course . I continue to grieve for my Mom . It's awful . I am also grieving for my Dad , who passed on March 8th 1995 at 62 years old . Mom's death brings it all back .

I went to Coldwater Creek on Aug 9th with my friend Lin . I tried on a pair of 14 jeans , which were too big . I was convinced that they just lie to rich people , since it's an expensive store . I have bought 14's that were too big , but they were both dockers . So , I went to Belleview for the Seattle OH Conference on Aug 14th . It was right across from Belleview square . I went to Macy's & lo & behold , I bought size 12 jeans . They still fit after I washed & dried them . That evening we had a meet & greet . They were giving away 1 prize . I won ! It was a gift card ! I never win anything . I had a really good time . Loved the speakers , Bo , MaryJo (Big Medicine) , Dr. Garth Davis (BM) , Chef Dave & more .....I , along with many other wonderful women modeled saturday night . There was a casino night afterwards , but I was beat . I loved my room at the Westin . Very nice hotel . I enjoyed visiting with people I knew & meeting a bunch I hadn't met before . A good weekend .

Elizabeth Rae has arrived !

Jul 11, 2009

ElizabethRae001-1.jpg Elizabeth cropped picture by kathleen61

This is Elizabeth Rae , my new grandaughter . She was born on 7/06/09 , 7 lbs 8 oz , 19 inches long . Her Mommy & Daddy were both married previously . She has a 15 year old brother , 13 year old sister & a 3 year old brother . Now she unites the family like a ribbon , attached to all in the family .
Ironically , her parents wanted her to be born on July 6th , but the doctor said that would be too soon . July 6th was my grandmothers birthday . Since Mommy would need a C-section , they picked another meaningful date , later in the month . Elizabeth had other ideas . lol . Thus she was born on my granmas birthday , afterall . Of course , she is adorable , as all newborns are . Now , I have 6 grandchildren . 3 girls & 3 boys .

April 2009

Apr 26, 2009

4-26-09 Wow , I haven't posted in a long time . My Mom has had COPD for many years . She was considered end stage emphysema for many years . This winter she was hospitalized four times in 2 1/2 - 3 months . #1 was Pneumonia & Anemia .  #2 was a different strain of Pneumonia & they said she had congestive heart failure . They put her on Coumadin . #3 She fell on her rear & almost bled to death . They gave her blood & took her off of the coumadin . #4 she fell four times in the early hours of Sunday April 5th . The last time , she fractured her wrist . My son Chris , who had been caring for her , had her taken to the hospital . I thought they'd fix her arm & she'd be okay . Her oxygen level was okay . The doctor told me her arm was the least of her worries . Her carbon dioxide levels were sky high . That was why she was getting more & more incoherent & falling . The pulmonary doctor put her on prednisone & a B-pap . I was her Power of Attorney . That evening , after us being there for 8 hours , she didn't remember why she was there & wanted her family . The next day I went to the hospital & met with the doctor . He said the treatments weren't working & our family needed to decide what to do . Being the decision maker in the family , I chose to let her life end naturally , but with comfort . I went to Mom & told her they were going to give her meds for her arm & take off the B-pap , that she hated . I asked if she understood . She shook her head yes . They gave her a shot of ativan & morphine . Then they started a morphine drip . When she was relaxed , they removed the mask . She was never concsious again . They moved her to the oncology wing , so we could stay with her 24/7 . She passed away at 2:03 am April 8th 2009 . My sister & I were with her the whole time . I miss her so much . As I was going home , while it was still dark , a white bird flew over my head .

January 2009

Jan 24, 2009

1-24-09 I can't believe how fast time flies . lol . I know that's a cliche' , but it's true . I've been back to work for almost a month & a half . The weather was so crazy , as everyone knows , in December & the 1st part of January . I feel lucky that I got through it unscathed . January has started out pretty good . I feel better in my body , since I had my Abdomnioplasty . It's not perfect , but wonderful compared to pre-op . My clothing choices are much better . It is still hard for me to shop for clothes . It's all in the head . My relationship with one of my two best friends  (Cathy) , which fell apart about 9 months ago , seems to have become repaired . That was a big loss to me . I am really happy about that . Sometime this spring i'm going to visit my other best friend (Lin) , who moved to Georgia last June . I'm looking forward to that , big time . She lives in a suburb of Atlanta . We're going to go to the American Girl factory . I'll get Kati (11) a doll , that looks like her . She's always wanted one . Today i'm going to go to a get together in Issaqua . The Washington OH Board people are getting together , there . I'm looking forward to it . But , I have a hard time meeting new people . I suck at remembering names , & beginning small talk . Once comfortable I don't stop . My family used to say that they named the Chatty Cathy doll after me . lol .

December 2008

Dec 30, 2008

I went back to work on December 15th , along with the worst weather we've had in decades . I'm doing really well . Didin't want to go back to work , but doing well . I healed wonderfully . And I couldn't have asked for better care than I got at The University of Washington .A lot of people have asked for the U.W. residentcy program info . So , here it is .

The contact person for the U.W. plastics residency program is :
Shiela Moss 206-598-2342 .
University of Washington Medical Centers
1959 NE Pacific Street
BOX 356165
Seattle , Wa.98195

Consultation fee is $250.00

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