I was always a small but curvy thing: 5', 125#.  Then I started having babies. I was diabetic during my pregnancy with my first son, and gained 50 pounds. It took almost 2 years, but I got down to 130ish. Then I got pregnant again. I gained 40 pounds this time, but didn't lose much of it. Then the Air Force threw me out in 2001 for weight management failure; I weighed about 150. Then over the years, I just couldnt lose weight. My max weight was about 215, that's where I was when my profile picture was taken. I lost 30 pounds by following my dietician's advice, only to gain it back with in about 2 years. I'm diabetic (type 2), have sleep apnea, and high choloresterol. My BMI is 40.2. I know I am a good candidate for WLS. Mostly, I know it would be good for my general health to lose about 80 or so pounds. But in addition, I so miss the little thing that I used to be. I am in the process of learning about the surgery and going to all my appointments. We'll see where this journey leads me.........

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Feb 06, 2010
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