As a child my weight was always age appropriate, ending at 107 pounds in junior high.  In 1977 I had my first baby and weight was not an issue. At least not until the second year and I gained about 15 pounds. I did the yo-yo thing for the next ten years, putting it on and taking it off. My highest was at that point of my life was 145.  Even though I was exercising a lot the weight continued to climb. Then in 1987 I had another baby and scenario was the same. No extra baby weight and by the second year, 20 pounds was on. It was the same for each consecutive child, 1989,1992 and 1995. By the fall of 1997 I was at 240 pounds, marking an all time high and surpassing my husbands weight. It was then I sought out a doctor for help. He started me on a combination of Adipex and Prozac.  At first that worked well, well for me anyhow. I lost 40 pounds and kept it off as long as I stayed on the meds. But I was getting very irritable with everyone from long-term use of the Adipex. I think I fried my central nervous system. So after 3 years I went off and immediately gained the 40 plus pounds back. At about that time, 2000, I started researching WLS. I found it to be a very scary thing for me and wasn’t ready to approach the subject. At that time we had United Health Care and insurance would have covered 100 %.  By 2002 I was completely ready for the surgery and in between there my husband had changed jobs and now has BC/BS. Which our policy at first covered the surgery. By the time I went to the doctor in Feb ’03, the company had changed the policy with a written exclusion signed on Jan 31,2003. I guess insurance companies can make changes in Jan and July. Imagine that! Especially considering the fact I had spoken with the insurance broker in Dec 2002. By July 2005 I quit my job after seven years, mostly a difference of opinion of the direction of the company but also due to my continual backache. At that point I headed into hibernation with the pain and heartache of loss and gain. So, that leads me to the last leg of the journey to WLS. I am now going to Mexico in January 2007. I can pull out a 401K in January and that’s the monies I am using.  I figure I might as well, if I don’t I wont be here to spend it during retirement anyway.  My next post will read: "Hasta La Vista Baby",  I’m on my way to Mexico.  

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