Jun 14, 2016

Never in a milion years could I picture myself getting up off the couch and doing excercise.  My knees hurt, my joints hurt, I couldn't walk 100 steps without being winded.  Man have things changed in my first 6 weeks post-op.

I started with little milestones everyday and when I did it, I increased it the next day and so on and so forth.  I now roll out of bed, have my decaf coffee or tea and hit the road for 3 miles.  I have not taken a day off from excercise in almost 2 months.  I'm always doing something and I love it.

I love not being to hungry anymore and thinking of food all the time.

I love that my shorts are falling off of me and I have to buy newer ones(Salvation army had a sale today 50% off so I got 3 pair for $5.00.  What a deal!!

My sneakers are starting to feel a little bigger than usual.  Not sure if I'm stretching them out from all the walking or if my feet may have shrank just a little.

I love that I quit smoking in Dec. 2015 and never looked back.

I love that my family doesn't object to eating what I do.  My mother in law called to tell me my husband had lunch at her house on Saturday after golfing and asked for tuna with melted cheese, no bread.  OMG that made my day.  I'm rubbing off on him a little each day.

I don't buy much, but I've been shopping alot with my daughter who tells me I would look so good in this or that.  I love that I know I will someday soon  :)

I love that I am loving life more and more each day.

That's all, just a natural kind of high day.  Best to all of you and I hope you have the same kind of days!


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