I was a skinny child till i was about 7 or 8. I remember always being 10 lbs over my age like when i was 10 i was 110lbs, 11 120lbs. I was chubby and shy but i still  lead an active childhood rollerskating, jump rope, hiking. When i was 15 years old I suddenly lost weight. Had no clue where it went. I was still doing most of the same actives i had always done. I got a lot more attention as a skinny sophomore in high school and made the most of it. I always thought i was fat, even when i had lost all the 50 extra pounds i had carried around. I was between 125-135 lbs till i was in my early twenties, i met my husband when i was 17 - I look back at pictures of the both of us and we were so skinny as teenagers, but as the years have gone on, its 8/19/11, are weight has just keep increasing.
I started with Diet pills when i was 17 because i was worried about gaining 2 lbs. Really? I was a size 3 and 5'7". But it seemed like they became less and less effective. Then Mu Hung the herb was outlawed when i was twenty. That was bad for me because it really worked for me. I had always just starved myself most of the time, but i was busy living that i didn't notice the hunger. Since then i tired may other pills and systems.

Diet fuel
Cabbage Soup
24 hour fitness
The Master Cleanser (Lemonade Diet) 10-days no food (done that twice)
The Gabriel Method
Weight loss Dr. 1 1 /2 years (this did work, but was $$$$) I lost 60 pounds and keep them off long enough that i believed i could always lose weight in this way. I decided it was time to have kids i was 27 it had been 10 years that me and my husband had been together.
I even tired out for the Biggest Loser.
Denise Austin Work out Videos
Pilates Videos
Power 90 system - by beach body with Tony Horton
Wii - FIt and workout games (the only scale i have)

Something happened to my thyroid while i was pregnant with my daughter. I ended up with Hasimotos thyroditis, a common auto immune disease.

I asked my PCP to put me back on the prescription weight loss pills and she did. I would take one type for two weeks and then another for two weeks. Drink my slim-fast in the morning and lean cuisine for dinner. But i no longer was getting the B12 shots or the sleeping medication, my PCP did not want to let me take.
This time i could not lose any weight. I was very disappointed. But i didn't let this hold me back. I decided to start Roller Skating again and found Roller Derby. I loved it, Cracked my tailbone the first try. But i didn't let it hold me back a beat and keep trying out. I ended up sliding and hitting my hip pretty hard. This time i didn't get back up for a while and felt it. I was just to heavy and hurt myself a lot. But it made me feel alive. I stuck with it for about 5 months. Hope to go back again one day without so much weight and in better health.

Back to my PCP she had me on a natural diet. Getting more connected to my food going to farmers markets. I got my own chickens and raised them for eggs. Planted my veggies and ate from my garden everyday. I even collected my manure and made my own compost for my garden. I still have all the fruit trees i planted. I even got goats to milk, but never ended up milking them - it was just to much with a full time job and toddler and i finally got rid of the goats. I even collected my manure and made my own compost for my garden. I still have the chickens and love them. Bought more yesterday.

So now here i am hoping to get switched soon.

My mother is diabetic and lost a leg 6+ years ago. I don't want to be like my mother but am heading in that directions. My father died May of this year from Cancer at 65 and my brother is also unhealthy diabetic and many other conditions, lost a toe last month to diabeties.

I feel happy that i have two legs to walk on and hands that work well still. I have a wonderfully husband and beautiful 3 year old daughter. I want the cycle of Obesity to stop with me. I want to see my daughter grow up and be there for her and her babies.

Thanks for everyone support!

Sarah F.

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