Wanted to post about the Southern California DS Doctor options

Dec 14, 2011

I did end up meeting with Dr. Keshishian in September and I liked him. Also my husband went to the meeting and also really liked what he had to say. He seemed like he wasn't blaming the individual so much for being fat. It was a nice change. They did charge me for the visit but did send me a refund check once my insurance had paid them minus my co-pay, which seemed very fair to me. It was something that weighed on the back of my mind and was holding up my discussion.

I also went to one of the USC WLS Seminars in October. Very anti - DS Seminar and I felt like I was being yelled at for being fat and that it seemed so much like a cattle call. They keep preaching about how as Doctors they are not in it for the money. Just turned me off. And the thing that turned me off the most was when they said and I quote "We would be your doctor and we would pick the surgery that was right for you".  I really hate being told what to do and I believe that I would make a better decision for me than anyone else.  its the motto of DS pick the surgery and then pick the surgeon. That was when I decided that I would go with DR. K.
Now to take the next step and tell Dr K  that. Not sure why I'm stalling, I know i have letters to write and interviews to go on. But I'm stalling. Maybe because of the holidays or stress, I know I'm scared and this is a big step. But i keep telling myself tomorrow i will call. It was December 12 i final decided that i need to make the call. I'm hoping by putting this on my blog it will help motivate me to make the call.
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Aug 23, 2011 21 page Pre-op Booklet

Aug 23, 2011

Oh my!
I got my booklet last night I need to fill out for my consult. Its 21 pages of questions..... One of the questions is do you have receipts for any of the weight loss attempts?
Who keep those?

I got some great advise last night - I'm totally going to take.-
"Just a suggestion, but I highly recommend you call your insurance company prior to your appointment.  Ask them if WLS is a covered benefit. Get the name of the person you spoke to, write it down as well as the date and time you spoke to them.  No matter what they tell you ask for them to send you the information in writing.  If WLS is a covered benefit, as them what the requirements or criteria are.  I can not tell you how much this will help you.  I did not do this years ago, and it cost me months of my time...and a lot of heartache.  I did this when I went to get the DS and it helped speed my process so much...long story.  Besides if you get a letter before your appointment stating it is covered, you just saved yourself $280.00 or waiting on a refund!"

I'm hoping to start a list of questions to ask my Surgeon. If anyone has some good questions to add to my list please comment :-) I stole these from someones blog

What method do you use to decide common channel length?
If its a standard length, how long?
What size will my stomach be?
Do you insert a J-tube automatically?
If you experience any issues, will you change to open surgery or will you only do half the surgery?
Will anyone be cutting on me other then you?

I'm also hoping to make a list of things i'm looking forward to post op. Like -
Buying new cloths
Fitting in booths
Hiking without losing my breath every ten steps
eating without the horriable guilt
Taking photos and not hiding behind people
Buying cute halloween outfits

Thank you everyone for the great support! Have a great day,
Sarah F.

Aug 19, 2011 Pre-op

Aug 19, 2011

Hello everyone ,
I have send in my insurance info and gotten an appointment to have a consultation with Dr Kreshishian on Sept 8, 2011.
Everyone seems to recommend him here highly. He is the closest Surgeon preforming DS in my area and yet is still 3 hours away.
When i made the appointment today the person on the phone told me i would have to pay $280 up front for the consultation because my insurance will only pay for the office visit if my surgery is approved and i have to be seen to have the paperwork submitted to see if insurance will pay??? Talk about a catch 22.

This seems wrong to me to have to pay to interview someone for a job.....I feel the 1st consult should be free or included once I approve to have the surgery with him. Maybe someone just got there wires crossed over there....?... I know a Dr's time is worth something, but so is mine. If i have to pay to take a day off work and pay for the 6 hour round trip then pay to meet someone??? What if i decide i do not like him and decide I'd rather go up to San Francisco and see another Doc?

I know if i had a contractor out to my home to quote a job, the quote would be free. I would not employee a contractor that wouldn't tell me upfront how much something cost.

When she told me the price i was like your kidding me? She didn't even know what the price would be and had to put me on hold to ask someone else.
The surgery doesn't scare me, its the bill i know i will get after..... Insurance shouldn't be so awful.

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