Wanted to post about the Southern California DS Doctor options

Dec 14, 2011

I did end up meeting with Dr. Keshishian in September and I liked him. Also my husband went to the meeting and also really liked what he had to say. He seemed like he wasn't blaming the individual so much for being fat. It was a nice change. They did charge me for the visit but did send me a refund check once my insurance had paid them minus my co-pay, which seemed very fair to me. It was something that weighed on the back of my mind and was holding up my discussion.

I also went to one of the USC WLS Seminars in October. Very anti - DS Seminar and I felt like I was being yelled at for being fat and that it seemed so much like a cattle call. They keep preaching about how as Doctors they are not in it for the money. Just turned me off. And the thing that turned me off the most was when they said and I quote "We would be your doctor and we would pick the surgery that was right for you".  I really hate being told what to do and I believe that I would make a better decision for me than anyone else.  its the motto of DS pick the surgery and then pick the surgeon. That was when I decided that I would go with DR. K.
Now to take the next step and tell Dr K  that. Not sure why I'm stalling, I know i have letters to write and interviews to go on. But I'm stalling. Maybe because of the holidays or stress, I know I'm scared and this is a big step. But i keep telling myself tomorrow i will call. It was December 12 i final decided that i need to make the call. I'm hoping by putting this on my blog it will help motivate me to make the call.

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