Aug 19, 2011 Pre-op

Aug 19, 2011

Hello everyone ,
I have send in my insurance info and gotten an appointment to have a consultation with Dr Kreshishian on Sept 8, 2011.
Everyone seems to recommend him here highly. He is the closest Surgeon preforming DS in my area and yet is still 3 hours away.
When i made the appointment today the person on the phone told me i would have to pay $280 up front for the consultation because my insurance will only pay for the office visit if my surgery is approved and i have to be seen to have the paperwork submitted to see if insurance will pay??? Talk about a catch 22.

This seems wrong to me to have to pay to interview someone for a job.....I feel the 1st consult should be free or included once I approve to have the surgery with him. Maybe someone just got there wires crossed over there....?... I know a Dr's time is worth something, but so is mine. If i have to pay to take a day off work and pay for the 6 hour round trip then pay to meet someone??? What if i decide i do not like him and decide I'd rather go up to San Francisco and see another Doc?

I know if i had a contractor out to my home to quote a job, the quote would be free. I would not employee a contractor that wouldn't tell me upfront how much something cost.

When she told me the price i was like your kidding me? She didn't even know what the price would be and had to put me on hold to ask someone else.
The surgery doesn't scare me, its the bill i know i will get after..... Insurance shouldn't be so awful.


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