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Body Image-Yuck! - I have been struggling wih my body image lately. I have lost almost all of my weight I set out to lose, however I am not happy with what I have been left with! I don't know if it i...

SavingGrace posted a discussion topic 8 years, 8 months ago
We all go at a different pace.... - I had my surgery was on May 23, and I have worked very hard to follow all the rules. I eat the right things, I take my vitamens, I get my protein in, and run roughly 3-5 miles a da...

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2 1/2 weeks Post Op & I still have a Drain Hol - So this may sound so stupid but I had surgery on 5/23, I got my drain tube out last Friday 6/1 and I still have an open hole from my drain. I would have thought they would put ster...

SavingGrace posted a discussion topic 9 years ago
I love water, but....... - I love good ole' plain H20. Prior to surgery i loved a nice glass of Ice water. Now, it doesnt matter if its hot, cold, luke warm, room temp... My pouch hates it! I see a bottle of...

SavingGrace posted a discussion topic 9 years ago
I'm letting food control my life! - So I had my surgery on May 23. I did the liquid diet for 1 week before surgery, and maybe it wasn't so bad because I knew if I wanted to eat something, I truly could, but didn't. S...

SavingGrace wrote a blog post 9 years ago
Gained Weight!! - So yesterday was my first day home from the hospital and I got on the scale and I GAINED weight! When I was in the  hospital I got dehydrated so I was on ALOT of fluids. So i'm pre...

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To finally be able to shop at a regular store

SavingGrace posted a discussion topic 9 years, 2 months ago
Waiting on my Surgery Date - Well my surgery was approved last Friday  after waiting only for 5 days! I know I am very lucky, but I still feel so impatient. I am still waiting on my doctor to give me a surgery...
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