A New Beginning!!!

Jul 24, 2009

Well I had surgery on Tuesday and I am 3 days post op. My surgery went OK I had a few little problems such a bit more bleeding than normal and the surgery took a bit longer because I had a lot of adhesion's or scar tissue from prior surgeries such as my c-sections and when I had an appendectomy. I woke up from surgery in major pain but once the morphine hit me I was relaxed. I had to stay in the recovery for a long time due to being very dehydrated so they had to give me extra IV fluids. Once I got in my room I felt pretty good for the evening and the next day was good up until about 4:30pm when the nurse I had was overwhelmed with work and shut off my IV pump and I got dehydrated again and I got really week and could not get up and eat or anything I felt miserable. At about 9:00pm a new nurse came in and checked me and when she realized what happened she immediately hooked me back up to my IV and I started feeling better within the hour. I had such a wonderful team of doctors who took really good care of me they were always checking in on me and when it was time for me to go home they all came by and checked on me because they said my surgery was more extensive than most they wanted to be sure I was up to going home I was really blessed with my doctors.
So now I have been home one full day last night I did not sleep well I was up most of the night freezing I with chills through my whole body I think I had a fever because when I woke up this morning my shirt was covered in sweat so I am sure that is why I was shivering all night. Today was better I went outside did a bit if walking even though I was slow it felt good to be outside. All in all I feel good to night I just pray that I have a good nights sleep tonight and I continue to heal properly. I am so thankful that I had this surgery and I am excited for my future and the new me.
My wonderful Angel HappyPeach called to checked on me and she is such a wonderful friend and a great support before I had surgery when I was in the hospital and now I am so greatful and I thnk the Lord for her.
Oh yeah I forgot whiles I was in the hospital I lost 7lbs how exciting. I am going to stop writing for now but I will let you know more of my progress as I go on. I go to the doctor on Tuesday July 28, 2009 I hope that I will be able to start pureed foods then.
Good luck to you all and God Bless


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