17 Weeks Post Op and feeling great

Nov 15, 2009

Hello Everyone,
Well on Tuesday I will be 17 weeks post op and I am feeling great. I am now wearing a size 16 which was my christmas goal and I got there before christmas when I first started this journey I was wearing a size 28 and I weighed 318lbs. Today I did my measurement and to my suprise since my surgery I have lost a total of 36.25 inches and a total of 80+ pounds.... Wow I hear people say wha difference a year make I am officially changing that for me what a difference 17 weeks makes.. I went to church today and had a wow moment one of the girls who I see atleast twice a week says wow did you lose weight since Wednesday night church and I was so suprised that people actually can see a difference.... I feel soooo great.... I do have to admit though I do have a little difficulty when going shopping I still seem to go to the large clthes I have to remind myself that I am not wearing a 28 anymore and that I am now a 16 so instead of going to the smaller size I tend to still go the the big clothes. I guess in my mind I am still fat so can anyone tell me when does that end? But besides that I am feeling great and doing great!!!


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