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Oct 26, 2011

I know it's been awhile since I have wrote on my page but I have had a very hard time been going through a rough patch for about a year now. I was in so much pain but I thought it would go away I though well maybe my stomach just don"t agree with what I am eating so I changed and I went to a liquid and protein shake diet for a while but that didn't even help! the nausea and vomiting and pain was awful. I have been in and out of the ER.
 I started getting horrific pains in my abdomen it would radiate around into my back it was pain where I couldn't stand up straight I lived in bed also I was vomit always nausea and when I would eat it felt like someone was taking a baseball and throwing it down my food pipe and it would just slam and bottom out it even hurt with liquids. I was in severe pain so I went to doctors they checked my gallbladder did numerous tests to check it but it was fine. I was in and out of the ER constantly when finally the doctors said we don't know what is wrong with you. I had been suffering for about a year when I moved here to Florida my whole body was hurting I was always in pain and I just wanted to know what was happening to me. I had this surgery to get better health not to be sick. So in August I went to the ER again and the admitted me saying I had pancreatitis but a few hours later came in and said that the blood work came back and it wasn't that. So more test, tests on my bowels on my gallbladder again I stayed in the hospital 3 days only to be released with no answers. At this point I thought I was crazy that this pain was just in my head. Well I was back in the ER again in October when a doctor gave me a number for a bariatric surgeon the only one in my area. I found him to only find out he didn't except my insurance. Because I was in so much pain I told him please could I just come in for a consultation being on a budget I couldn't afford it but I made the sacrifice to just find out what was wrong with me. So I went to see him and he ask me some questions and looked at all my tests and he told me and my husband that I was not crazy. He said that I have something called a blind limb that was on Wednesday on Friday I was in severe pain that I suffered with until Saturday morning I couldn't take it anymore I called the doctor and he told me to go to the ER. I was admitted and kept for 6 days. He did an EGD which showed I had an ulcer that was 10cm in size also a blind limb and something with the Y part of my stomach. So that explains the pain the food would go in the blind limb and sit there and basically rot. Also my body was very malnourished. So now I have a Picc line in my arm and I am being fed via an IV with vitamins. I am on a clear sugar free liquid diet very little liquids.
So this is what has been going on with me. It is so crazy I had this surgery to better my health and I don't regret it because I lost 170lbs but I hate the pain that I am in now. I did everything that I was suppose to I ate right  everything I guess I am just that 1% that has problems after wards. I wanted to write this just in case anyone here is going through this same thing and they can't get answers from doctors. I never knew about a blind limb and apparently a lot of doctors don't know about it either. God bless you all..


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