Taking steps... I hope!!!

May 22, 2012

 I am a bit new to the whole process but I have finally put a foot down! I called my insurance company today to see if they cover WLS, got a big positive, I know that doesn't mean I myself am approved, but I feel like its a step closer. I have been looking into Dr. Inman for the DS surgery, found out she takes my insurance, another step. I'm still not quite sure of the whole process but the lady from my insurance said they require a pcp supervised diet program for 6 months and she (my pcp) is to refer me to Dr. Inman. I am going to call my pcp tomorrow morning and set up an appointment to get that started. Do all the steps usually seem to flow smoothly along? I know nothing is easy but I fear I'm getting my hopes up already. What is the turn away rate? I mean I can't imagine turning someone away when it really could change their life and make it be a full life, rather than constantly watching from the side lines.

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