first weigh in

Jul 05, 2012

So I finally made it to July, and I met with my PCP. I lost about 7 lbs since my last post, which I'm jumping for joy over. However since meeting with my doctor and weighing in I feel like I've been eating everything in sight now. As I look at my daily food journal I have begun, I can't help but feel ashamed of myself and with the shame I find my thoughts drifting to "I know there are some more leftovers in the fridge I haven't ate... maybe just a few more bites!!" I want to keep on the good path I have been achieving!!! I go back in to the doctors to weigh in again on Monday, once every week. And have an actual doctors appointment in a month to sit down and discuss my food journal and what steps we should move towards. Any helpful encouragement would be great!! I have also noticed that sometimes when I thought I was doing great I was actually eating massive amounts of carbs and not realizing it.  Could someone give me an ideal menu laid out for a few different meals to get a better idea of foods that will help me lose weight. 


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