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Jul 05, 2012

 So I finally made it to July, my appointment with my PCP went well. I have lost 7 lbs since my last post which I'm jumping for joy over. But since my appointment I have been letting myself slip, and as I sit and look in my daily food journal I can't help but feel ashamed, and with the shame I find my thoughts drifting to, "I know there is still his in the fridge... just a few more bites..." I hate this feeling!! I want o continue doing well and show my doctor I am committed to this, because I am, I am just getting depressed. I watch my husband eat 20 cookies, and 5 slices of pizza and never gain a pound. When I sniff it and feel like I gain 30 lbs!!! I'm sure because I cannot just stop at a sniff. I would like the control to help with my diet again. I have noticed that when I thought I was doing well I was actually consuming a ton of carbs. If someone could lay out a menu for me for a couple different meals I would be very greatful. 


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