Pregnancy Update Week 22: Heartburn and Pregnancy

May 03, 2010

Post Date 5/3/10 10:52 am
Topic: Pregnancy Update Week 22: Heartburn and Pregnancy

Spoke with my doctor last Thursday (he called me HIMSELF!), who told me that he usually has to do a 2nd adjustment on his pregnant band patients around the end of 2nd trimester/beginning of 3rd trimester, because of all the pressure put on the band by the baby pushing up the stomach.

Even though I still have about 5 more weeks until my 3rd trimester, he believes it is because I am so short waisted that I am having the heartburn now and wants to do an adjustment which he said will help everything.

What a great doctor I have! My appointment is Fri May 14th so I will be 2 more weeks along than I am now and more than ready for that adjustment. In the meantime I am trying to watch how much acidic foods I eat and keep an eye on portion size so I don't overeat, which is easy to do when a baby is pushing your stomach into your sternum LOL