Anthony Terracina

"Dr. Anthony Terracina has helped me change my life, and I can't imagine any other doctor who I would want beside me while I take this journey. rnrnMy first impression of Dr. T was the level of compassion he has for his patients. I attended his weight loss seminar in July 2008 and was pretty nervous. His partner, Dr. Clark, runs a separate fitness/diet facility called the Center For Metabolic Health. I had been going to Dr. Clark for a year for weight loss the \"natural\" way and had seen no results. I had sought Dr. Clark's program because I did NOT want to have surgery. I had no success so coming to a WLS seminar was very ... nerve wracking.rnBecause of conflict of interest, Dr. Clark could not be my surgeon (think of it...I did not lose weight on his diet plan so now he has to do surgery on me...what a bad thing for HIS income). Even though I didn't lose weight with Dr. Clark , he DID teach me about healthy eating and what my body needs to burn fat and not muscle so kudos to his Center for the education they provide!rnrnSo I show up at the seminar with my loving and supportive husband. They take me to weigh me and calculate BMI. Turns out my BMI was 38 and the nurse tells me I probably won't qualify as my only comorbidities were hiatal hernia, GERD and high cholesterol. Feeling hopeless, I burst into tears. Dr. T. must have heard me because he came rushing down the hall and led me into an examination room with the nurse. He looked at my chart and said, \"You stay. I can help you.\" rnrnDuring the seminar, he took everyone's questions and explained the whole banding and bypass procedures thoroughly (took 2 hours!). He was patient and kind. He told us about how as a general surgeon, he had seen many of the problems he was treating be cleared up by weight loss and believe that if he could help people lose weight, they wouldn't have as many health problems and need other surgeries. He told us how he had been doing laproscopic surgeries since the early 90's. He gave us his stats (mortality, etc). He was open and honest, laying everything on the table. rnrnI debated with myself until October about whether or not to have surgery. Since I was surprisingly approved in ONE week, I had no time to meet with Dr. T before I was approved. However, I made an appointment for November. When he walked into the room he said, \"You look a lot happier today!\". He actually remembered me! All those people and all his patients and he remembered me! rnrnHe was late coming in to my appointment but I didn't care because I knew he had been with another patient. I was his last appointment on a Friday at 1130 and he sat with me for an HOUR and answered all my questions. He didn't rush me or talk over me. He actually listened to my concerns and made me feel as though he truly cared for my well-being. I have never felt so supported by a doctor outside of my PCP.rnrnAfter my surgery at my post op appointment he was warm and encouraging. I couldn't help but cry and thank him for helping me change my life. He told me \"You ARE going to do it! You will be great!\"rnrnI wouldn't recommend any other doctor for this procedure. He is the best!rnrnDr. T's aftercare program offers support groups and a nutrition class. Plus you get unlimited visits with the nutritionist. There are many opportunities for good aftercare but it isn't handed to you. You have to schedule yourself which I think is good. It is after all YOUR journey.rnrnI think he excels both surgically and bedside manner. He will not hesitate to tell you that he is the best at what he does and most likely the best in the state of Virginia. I kind of liked that about him, but I can see where it would turn someone off.rnrnThe only negative I would say is that I personally did not talk with him after my surgery. He spoke with my husband and made sure he understood about my home care but then I think he left. I wasn't upset though because I figured if there was something really wrong with me, I would have seen him following. Plus I was kind of drugged still so I don't even know what I would have said to him. Besides, the nursing staff at the outpatient surgery unit in Sentara Careplex is AMAZING! I was in excellent hands!rnrnFuture patients of Dr. T should know that he believes in the band 100% if YOU work it the way you are supposed to 100%. Any failure with the band he attributes to the patient, not the band (unless of course the band is leaking or whatever)."


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