R & Y to Sleeve?

Jul 09, 2022


Has anyone had an R & Y revised to a sleeve? I am currently on a Dexcom for severe reactive hypoglycemia as a result of my WLS. I mean, no quality of life, severe. Has anyone had this done? It is risky and complicated and I am wanting to find out as much info as possible to make that decision. 

Thank you!


Reactive Hypoglycemia

Jul 07, 2019


I had my initial surgery in 2011.  I started noticing issues with dizziness etc.  a few years ago.  This got worse this year.  I have only had BS as low as 46, so not as bad as some.  They did a barium swallow last month and it was like I never had a stoma to begin with.  It took all of 5 seconds from my mouth for food to get to through the small pouch I have to my intestines.  They did not need approval from ins. to fix the stoma.  I am not sure if it was because of the pictures from my glucometer showing a rapid rise in 27 min to 312 and a plumet to 50 in another 20 min.   I was only eating select foods to keep it within a good range.  The combination was also very important.  


Today I am 5 days out from the overstitch and wondering if it has been helpful for others with RH.  

Thank you!




Losing Fairly Steadily

Oct 11, 2011

Its been about a month since I checked in.  I am down 45.6lbs as of today.  15. 4 was pre-op so have lost 30.2 since the surgery 7+ weeks ago.  I think I am on track now.  The biggest issue I was having was that I was trying to go back to my old eating habits of fast food.  I justified it by lack of time.  REALLY, NOT.  I have more time now that I am an empty nester than I ever have had.  It was just habit and LAZY.  I hate to cook and thought I would be fine just eating out.  Not working well.  I have an ulcer now and it is getting treated with pepsid and cavarafe (Sp).  I have to take the pepsid every morning and the other stuff 30 minutes before I eat.  Not an issue in the morning but you have to take it 2 hours after you last ate.  Talk about having my life controlled by food.  I thought it was before. 

Anyway,  I have been cooking things and freezing them in portion sizes.  I only have 3 different things right now, but I will be doing more cooking this weekend.  It is fall break for Alicia and she is also having her wisdom teeth out also on Thursday, so I will be at home. 

Really stressed at work. Trying to learn how to deal with stress and not eat.  Also dealing with the hormones of fast weight loss and I think that is not helping.  Trying to just relax and listen to my music as I do my work.  Our new person is here to help me, but needs to be trained.  I just need to be patient until he can really do something,  I think it will get better as time goes by.  Charles leave in December and I will take over his cases and move into that slot 20 hours a week.  Really looking forward to that.  I will be glad when I do not have to work with the supervisor I am dealing with temporarily now.  Who Hoo.  Anyway I just need to sit back and relax and get sleep, eat well, exercise and take my vitamins and drink water.  

I wanted to get on the dating websites but am not really ready.  I need to lose at least 50 more lbs before that happens.  I told myself after the holidays.  I also had to bow out of the church musical as I am just too tired right now and have to focus on the weight loss and exercise.  I guess I am learning to take care of myself more.

Money is tight but that is not new, just working on some solutions to that.  It will happen, just not as soon as I would have hoped...agh.  Need to get some of the medical bills paid and then will be in a much better place.

Doing well with the weight loss and just dealing with normal issues.  So I think I am doing well.


Feeling better, but not losing any weight?

Sep 02, 2011

I have been feeling better and went and got my computer today from work.  I get to work from home...Yea me....anyway...If you have to work, working from home is not a bad thing....lol. 

I have been riding my bike 2+ miles a day and my food is under 600cals but I am stuck on the scale for the past three days...Yikes... Called the docs office and the dietician told me that I can bump up my water.  That is good because I ended up drinking 8 oz of water in one shot yesterday after my bikeride.  The protien is good so it has to be lack of fluids.  I know I have been lacking the past few days.  Keeping the log and making sure I get at least 48 oz in.  Not so easy when you eat too.  I will have to plan for water and food times so I can get it all in and not eat or drink the hour I eat.  Kind of weird, but hey, whatever works.  Hope to have the scale move tomorrow :)

Back at Home

Aug 28, 2011

I am back at home and it has been a week.  The surgery went well but I had stress hyperglycemia and then low 02 so had to have the oxegyn on all the time.  Even had to get one dose of insulin.  Have an appointment with the regular doctor and the surgeon tomorrow.  Still not feeling that great.  Tired.  I am getting in the amount of protien a day and the water, but can't wait until I really feel better.  I have been walking at least four times a day so that has helped and actually slept through the night for the first time in months.  I think the weight coming off is helping the sleep apnea.  I have lost 21.8lbs since the beginning of the liquid diet and went into surgery at 274.8.  I am now at 268.2 so not bad for a week.  We will see what the surgeon says.  

Day 9 Liquid Diet

Aug 16, 2011

Wow, I did not think i would make it this far on the liquid diet.  The first three days were pretty tough.  I have gotten down a system of what I can eat and how much to lose weight, still have some energy to exercise and not starve.  I have to have about 1400 calories a day, or it just isn't enough.  I have not cheated and was not really even tempted even though I made my daughter her birthday cake this am.  I also made a special birthday breakfast and had my shake.  I think I am OK for now and pray every day for the strength to do this. 

So, all in all doing OK.  Alicia goes to college in two days.  Yikes, the last one.  I will really miss her, but I have been a mom to four kids for 26 years and think I could get used to a little me time right now.   I will not be looking for a man for at least a year.  I want to get through the skin surgery and the last mastectomy surgery and then I will look.  That gives me about 15 months to work on myself and see how I like living alone.  I have never done that.  I went from my fathers house to my first husbands house and then had kids.  I love my kinds but am ready for the transition.  i was not ready eight years ago when the oldest went to college, but I am ready now.

Looking forward to the five weeks off too.  Hope I am not really sick.  Next Monday it will be done. 

Figureing out the Pre-Op diet

Aug 12, 2011

Well I am into day 6 of my pre-op diet.  I have lost 9 lbs so far.  I ended up figuring out that I need to drink 5 slim fast shakes a day with two cans of soup or whatever to reach my 1200 calories a day.  I have been exercising every day.  Yesterday i rode my bike to work which is 7.8 miles total.  I have been riding it in the morning for 3 miles, but bumped it up.  I am going to try to ride it to work every other day as long as the weather is nice.  I am getting to work quicker.  It only took 30 minutes for the 4 miles, which is pretty fast for me.

I still feel low energy, but know that I am doing well .  This is the weight I was at the Doctors office, Dr. Whites, so I will now not be embarrassed that I had done the last supper thing.  That was SO stupid.  I have spend a week of this diet because I did that.  I am trying to follow the rules.

All in all, doing much better.

My daughter leaves on Tuesday to go to KC and spend a night at a hotel.  She will be shopping etc and then go to the Katy Perry concert.  She will be 18.  She goes to college on the 18Th.  I am sad about it.  :(  I know this is great for her so am trying not to talk about how I feel as this is a very exciting time for her.  Glad I am on the diet right now.  I am just beginning to see how my emotions are tied into eating.....

Pre-Op Diet

Aug 10, 2011

I started on my Pre-Op diet a few days early as I got the last meal syndrome....Yikes.  Fairly disgusted with myself about that, but have done well once I started on the pre-op.  Actually did a little too well.  I only had 1100 calories the first day and 875 the second.  I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep as I felt really [email protected]#$%.  I woke up at 1;30 am and was really hungry.  I realized I was not doing this well and ate some soup and carnation instant breakfast and tried unsuccessfully to go back to bed.  Called the Dietitian and she suggested I eat some more....Of all things....Anyway I was really hungry today and with last nights escapade I ended up eating 2200 calories today.  OK, so I will need to find some middle ground and not beat myself over this.  This is new and I need to figure it out.  I got soup and slim fast low carb.  That seemed to be about right so I think I will stick with that for meals.  It is about 300 cal together and with some coffee and or clear jello should be about 1200 or a little over.  If I have to go up some to not be sick I will do that.  I also have some unpleasant side effects from just fluids, I am in the bathroom for one thing or another many times a day.  I know I am staying hydrated, so that is good.  I will get some sleep tonight and try to do this better tomorrow.

Getting Nervous

Aug 06, 2011

I am about two weeks away from my surgery and am getting very nervous.  I have gained about 10 lbs doing, "last supper", eating.  Yikes.  I will ge going on the liquid diet at two weeks pre-op instead of 10 days so I can lose that weight.  Very frustrated with myself.  I know better.  Yikes.  Oh well, I am starting from now.


First Posting

Jul 02, 2011

Hello, My name is Peg.  I just found out Friday that I have been pre-approved by the insurance company which for me is Blue Cross/Blue Shield  in NE.  I started late last year and it has been a process.

The thing that pushed me over was having double mastectomies and as I am heavy they do not really even show up.  I was a full figured woman before.  The surgeon told me that if I lose weight they will magically appear.  I am not sure about the magic part I just want to find them again.  I feel like I am playing where is waldo...lol.

So, that is how I got here.  I will see the surgeon on July 20, 2011 to set a date for the surgery.  It will be a few weeks out.  I realized that I have been in a hurry up and wait mode and now I don't have a lot of time before it will actually happen.  I am really excited.   I have fears but I have more fears of what will happen if I do not do anything.

I have been depressed since the mastectomies and am finally coming out of that fog but am more afraid that I will continue to gain weight.  I am starting to have issues with my knees etc. and a year ago started using a sleep apnea machine.  I am excited and want to do what it takes to not live like this anymore.

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