Getting Back On....boy it's HARD!!

Jul 20, 2010

I haven't blogged since the weekend prior to Half Marathon weekend.  I went, as planned, and was stoked along with being a little scared.  I began @6am on June 12th attempting my first Half Marathon.  By mile 3 mark I could feel what was a big blister beginning to form on my right foot.  I stopped into the medical tent and had my foot wrapped by a physical therapist.  She applied some gel blister protectors to 2 areas of my foot before wrapping it.  I soldiered on.  The air was heavy and thick with humidity that day.  Mid June temperatures in Mississippi make it miserable just to be outdoors.   There were times I felt like I couldn't push forward because of the heat but I kept going.  By the time I made it to the 9 mile mark the blister had become enormous,  popped, and was unbearalbe. I had to throw in the towel. I stopped and asked for someone to call for a ride to take me back the the tent where my team was gathered. I pulled my cell phone from my running belt and text my mother immediately.  I told her I had to quit because of the blister and the heat.  She said "I'm proud of you baby, thank you for using wisdom."  I teared up just a little but didn't let the flood gates open because I was among strangers.  My driver dropped me off and I had quite a trek to make it to the tent where my people were.  My foot was killing me.  As I made my way across the grounds I saw the coach of my Marathon Makeover Team.  I spoke to her for a moment and told her what had happened.  She went with me and helped me get to the team tent.  Once under the tent I removed my shoe. The blister was far worse than I imagined.  It covered the whole side of my right foot and stretched onto the sole of my foot and covered my entire arch.  Since I had made it into the company of my support system I was able to allow myself to fall apart.  I cried, hard.

I cried for so many reasons. The number one reason was the feeling of failure. I am always hard on myself and this was no exception.  Everyone said "You did great! You made it to 9 miles with a blister like that?"  All I could feel was sadness and defeat.  Along with this huge defeat I had also met someone and allowed them into my life. The night after I didn't finish the marathon was the last time I saw or heard from that person.  Talk about a punch in the gut!!  Needless to say, I wallowed in my self pity for quite some time.  I made some really bad decisions and got way off track with my exercise and eating habits.  THEN, a dear friend I have known since age 12 passed away after a long 8 month battle with Leukemia.  Yet another punch in the gut. I began eating hamburgers and ice cream like I never had surgery.  I was a wreck and was falling apart.

Last Monday I packed my gym bag and put it into my car when I left for work.  I also had an appointment with my therapist that afternoon. I spilled it all and put everything on the table.  I left there with the resolve to push through the negativity I had allowed myself to be overcome by.  On July 12th I put on my tennis shoes for the first time since the Half Marathon day. I went to the gym and was late for a friend's birthday dinner but I wasn't going to lose momentum.  I made it to the gym 3 days last week.  I also had a fill done last week while in New Orleans for a concert.  I had more energy and felt better this past weekend than I have in the past month. I mowed grass and spent time with friends and my baby brother.  It was a wonderful weekend.

I have made it to the gym yesterday and today and I plan to go to the gym 2 more days this week.  I weighed this morning and I have lost 5 lbs.  THANK YOU JESUS...I AM BACK ON TRACK  !!!!!!!!!!!!   



Jun 05, 2010

Today was the last milage day before the half marathon.  We scaled back this week.  Last week we did 12 miles.  It was a long hot process but I got it done!! Today we did 6 miles and my pace was a 17.1 minute mile.  That is much better than what I started at back in Jan/Feb. The time limit for the Half Marathon is 4 hours.  If I am able to maintain the pace I kept today I will be able to finish in just a bit under the 4 hour mark.  I can't believe that I am really going to complete a Half Marathon next weekend.     

Wait, yes I can believe it.......because I am really beginning to believe I truly can do ANYTHING I set my mind to doing. 

Update on weight loss....I have now lost 36lbs since surgery.  The process has been a bit slower than what I thought it might be but I am in such better shape and feel a million times better.  I know the pounds will continue to slip away and the sizes on the labels of my clothes will continue to decrease if I just keep doing what I am doing.  I don't think I will have any problem with that................................
because I am LOVING IT!!  



May 22, 2010

I did it...11 miles!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I did it!  I'm too tired to write anything more.  I will blog more soon!!  

The half marathon is 3 weeks away. June 12th is the big day!

I can see the finish line.....13.1 miles here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 miles...yes, 9 miles!!!

May 01, 2010

Today I walked 9 miles...yowza! That was far!  I did this as part of my training.  I will be completing a Half Marathon on June 12, 2010! After doing the 9 miles today I know without a doubt that I can finish the 13.1 and  I cannot wait to put that 13.1 sticker on my car!!  Then I'll press on with training for a full marathon in October!! It feels so great to be actually doing the work to change my life and to be living in the changes.  Tomorrow I will ride bikes with friends.  Being active is GREAT!!
Also...on Friday I wore a pair of khaki capri pants that I haven't been able to get into in years!! Size 22! Down from 28/30!!


Apr 18, 2010

Yesterday I had planned to walk 6 miles but I went to the track later than expected.  I decided at the 2.5 mile mark that I would use a handy gadget I bought a week ago but haven't put to use.  The gadget is called a GymBoss.  It is an interval timer to use in beginning to add timed intervals of jogging.  Yes, I said jogging!  I did intervals of 30sec jog and 1 min walk for about a mile.  It was hard work but I did it.  At the end of the 5 miles my legs felt like lead weights.  I decided since I added the intervals that I would stop at 5 miles for this week and push farther next week. I am excited about becoming a jogger in the coming months!!


2nd Fill

Apr 16, 2010

Today I had my second fill.  I now have 5.5cc in my 10cc band.  According to the physician's records I have lost 11 lbs since my last fill.  I am okay with that and am looking forward to the weeks ahead!! Tomorrow I will walk 6 miles.  I know that will be hard but I did 5.23 miles last week so the 6 miles will be no big deal...I hope!


from 5k to 5.23 miles!!

Apr 10, 2010

 It's been awhile since I blogged so I thought I would post an update.  In my last blog I had completed my first 5k, which is 3.1 miles.  I have made great progress in the weeks since.  Today I walked 5.23 miles!! I am moving right along.  Amazingly I am still not losing weight on a consistent basis.  In fact, I gained. I gained 5 lbs one week, then 1 lb the following week.  I then lost 4 lbs only to gain 2 lbs the following week. I  have scheduled a second fill for next Friday April 16th. I am  still proud of myself for the work I am doing to improve my health. I feel great and am excited about the future. Yay me!!!  



Mar 27, 2010

I walked a 5K today for the first time

...Next week 4 miles!! 

I haven't lost any pounds in awhile but last week I got in a pair of jeans that wouldn't even come close to zipping in the past AND today I wore a pair of shorts I couldn't get over my hips!!

I am toning and losing inches...I know the pounds will come!!! 


Not So Skinny Jeans

Mar 20, 2010

It's Saturday evening and it's raining here in Mississippi.  I have been dragging all day today because I overdid it with the adult beverages at happy hour yesterday evening. 

I was up very late along with having a couple too many cocktails.  I didn't make it to my Marathon Makeover meeting this morning. 

I did, however, redeem myself by walking for 45 min this evening. 

On a whim today I tried on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to get into in quite some time.  Now, they aren't my skinny jeans but they are my not quite so skinny jeans.  To my delight they fit!!  It was great to get to wear them about town today!!  I can't wait to get into some of my other clothes!!! 

I'm encouraged about the future and really enjoying the present!!



Mar 13, 2010

I saw one of my favorite artists of all time, David Grey, in concert last night in New Orleans.  I was up very late because we drove home.  I didn't get into bed until after 2am.  I woke and went to my Marathon Makeover meeting.  I met with my team and walked 3 miles this morning. 
I am so tired....   I think I might reward myself with a nap.


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