Good Results!

Mar 11, 2010

It's been a week since my first fill. I weighed today...lost 6 lbs!!!  I'm happy with that. I am hopeful to keep high numbers over the coming weeks!!! We shall see!! 

No More Biscuits

Mar 07, 2010

I am adjusting to my recent fill.  I stuck with liquids the day of my fill and the day after.  By the evening after I was ravenous.  I decided to have some mashed potatoes.  That decision worked out well for me.  I was full, satisfied, and had no problems.  Yesterday was 2 days post fill.  I had yogurt, and a banana for breakfast. For lunch I decided to try some real food and just chew really well.  I had grilled chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and baby lima beans.  It was yummy!! I could only eat a very small amount so I had the leftovers for dinner.  I had no problems and it was great!

Today I went to lunch with some friends. They wanted to go to Cracker Barrell. If you aren't from the South you won't understand.  However, if you are from the South then you already know.  They have the most amazing biscuits on the planet.  Prior to my fill I had no problem with eating bread but I knew post fill that would likely be different.  Of course, we sat and they brought out a plate of 6 biscuits for 3 ladies.  I took one and asked for strawberry jelly.  I spread the jelly wondering how this was going to turn out.  Once the biscuit was in my mouth I knew! It was so moist and chewy I knew it was going to be like glue in my stomach.  Within seconds of swallowing I was painfully aware that the biscuit was stuck.

Fortunately, I had only taken a small bite and was able to dislodge it with some unsweet tea.  Lesson for today: NO MORE BISCUITS...ever! 

First Fill

Mar 04, 2010

Today I had my first fill.  We injected 4cc into my 10cc band.  The physician doing my fill (Dr. Mondo-Kenner LA) had trouble finding my port freehand.  We opted to use an x-ray guided fill.  I felt great about this process because once the fill was complete.  I was able to see liquid moving from my upper stomach into the lower stomach. We were certain that I was not blocked.  It was nice to have that visual reassurance. I stayed in the office and drank water for awhile just to be certain everything was just right.  All in all today was a good experience.  I am looking forward to the results in the coming weeks


The Journey

Mar 03, 2010

Today is a good day.  It is only a good day because I have decided it is going to be.  I have been off track the past 2 weeks and it showed up on the scale today.  I have gained 1 pound

In the past this would have sent me into a total tail spin becuase I would have allowed it to do so.  Today, however, I made a different choice.  I analyzed what I have been eating and put it all into perspective.  I know how and why I contributed to my weight gain. (birthday cake & ice cream, splurging too much, making excuses)
  I knew last week that the amount of food I was able to eat was beginning to increase so I was proactive and scheduled my first lapband fill.  I am having my fill done tomorrow at 2pm.  

I am excited about having the fill because I have already gotten my exercise routine started.  I have been walking 3-4 days a week.  I am up to walking 2.5 miles now.  I am going to begin adding some cross-training in a couple of times a week.  This is the recomended training scedule for the 40 week program through Marathon Makeover.  I will be walking a half marathon on June 12, 2010.  Accomplishing this goal is what gives me the motivation to keep moving forward on days like today!

Today is a cross-training day and I will be doing Yoga this evening!  I'm pumped!!


Weeks 1 & 2

Feb 13, 2010

I haven't posted since my shopping excursion in Mexico so I will start there.  My mother and I had a very nice time shopping in Mexico. We walked and looked for hours.  I took pain medication before going to help with the soreness and I took another pill along, just in case.  Because we were there over 4 hours I needed it toward the end of our shopping day.  I had good luck with finding something special to mark the beginning of this journey for me.  I purchased a beautiful amethyst ring set in sterling silver.  I will post a picture of the ring sometime soon.  The ring is fitting for several reasons.  First, amethyst is my birthstone and I consider this journey a rebirth....sort of a journey to the real me.  The color of amethyst is purple.  Purple is the color of royalty.  This is significant because as part of this journey I have decided to treat myself like a queen. I have made a vow to take care of me like I never have before.  Think about it...How can I expect anyone else to do that for me when I won't do it myself??  There is also another significant feature about the color of the stone.  At first glance the stone looks almost like onyx, which is black, but upon closer inspection you see that it is a deep, rich, and sophisticated hue. It's unlike any amethyst I have ever seen.  Also the cut of the stone is not brilliant so it's not flashy and it doesn't catch the eye.  However, once you look inside the stone you see the fire and luster only the one who takes time will find. So, the ring is's as if it were made for me.  I bought it a little small so it will fit after the pounds have melted away!!

Following our day of shopping we made the journey from Monterrey Mexico the United States.  There was a bit of a language barrier at the airport because all overhead announcements were made in Spanish only. Fortunately, I am a fairly experienced traveler so we navigated through the process of check in, security check, and boarding successfully.  Our layover in Houston gave enough time to grab a quick snack for mom and a smoothie for me.  We made it to New Orleans right on time.  There were no complications with security or customs at any point of exiting or returning home.  Smooth sailing...all the way.  Thank you Jesus!!

I took a week off from work in order to give myself time to complete the liquid phase after surgery and begin eating soft foods before going back to work.  The week of liquids was no problem for me.  It went very quickly.  There were points along the way that I really really wanted to eat some grits or eggs.  I think I just really wanted to chew something! I kept gum on hand to stave off that instinctual craving to chew.  I moved easily into the week of soft foods.  I have actually been able to eat some things I did not think I would be able to tolerate. I have one more week of soft foods and then I will gradually begin to add more dense foods.  I miss salads alot....I look forward to raw veggies!! Overall the food has not presented an issue.

The thing that HAS presented an issue is the sting of reality that bit me this week.  I returned to work on Monday 2-8-10.  I returned to a very hectic fast paced environment that I had managed to completely block out for 2 weeks.  My first day back was insane.  I am a therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit and the acuity level of the current milieu was explosive.  Laymen speak...there were alot of really sick people on the unit with mental illness and personality disorders.  I didn't cry Monday but I did have a small cry on Tuesday.  By Wednesday the stress had backed me into a corner and I found myself stress eating at home that evening.  I ate less of course and what I ate was different than before....BUT I was NOT hungry and yet I ate.  I have always known I was an emotional eater but it's never been more clear...It has NEVER been about the food. Ever. 

Being slapped...hard...on the face with that I am not attempting to embrace the challenge of finding and using another means of navigating my way through emotional times.  I am starting, yet again, with exercise.  I have had good success with exercise in the past but I somehow always manage to fall of the wagon.  In 2005 I began working out and I worked out 3-4 times a week for all of 2005 and 2006!! I lost 88 lbs. on my own.  I was going through alot of changes in my life and I had a really busy December.  So, I gave myself the month off and had planned to restart January 2007.  Do you think that happened?  Of course not.  I began gaining and the depression mounted and I entered my regain cycle.  Within a less than a year I had regained all I had lost. This scenario has played out in my life 2-3 times.  Hence my decision to get banded!!

Currently I am beginning to incorporate a workout regimen into my life so increase my success with significant weight loss.  I joined a group called Marathon Makeover.  Today I met with my team for the first time at 8am on a cold Saturday morning.  Today I walked 2 miles.  My challenge for the coming weeks is to follow the workout plan they have designed for participants.    I will blog throughout the workout process and share my journey related to exercise as well.

Well I am all caught up with blogging.  I am going to get moving!!

My mantra for today and the days to follow is: Stop Dreading and Start Doing!!

~Much Love~



Jan 29, 2010

I am 2 days post surgery and I am feeling well.  Of course I am sore and quite tired but beyond that I am well.  I am adjusting fine to the current liquid diet. The only discomfort I feel is being slightly homesick.  My mother made the trip to Mexico with me to be with me during and after surgery.  Her presence helps lessen the homesickness a bit but she and  I both are ready to be back in the US. We are about to head out to get some walking and shopping done at a local mall.  Dr. Rodriguez is very pro walking and pro movement after surgery.  This speeds healing and gets you back into the swing of things more quickly. So, off I go. I hope to make some great purchases.  I will be looking for something special to remind me of  the beginning of this journey.

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