New Year is it really?

Jan 05, 2009

Happy New Year to all. I would say I am glad I made it through 2008 and am looking forward to what is the come on 2009. 2008 was a rough year. I made some changes to my life. I decided to give up my lap band and have the VSG done. In the beginning of this process I was worried that I didn't make the right decision that I should have just removed the band and tried to do it on my own. The reason I guess that I felt this way was because of the complications that I had with the removal. I was only suppose to stay in the hospital for three days it turned into two weeks. I was out of work for a month which really hurt me financially. But by the grace of God I made it through lost about 40 pounds so far give or take. Started gaining weight when I decided the have a birthcontrol implant. Had it for a month and gained about ten pounds had lost before a total of 50 pounds. Now that it is removed I can see the changes again. I am not hungry anymore. I don't have the desire to snack and I feel better mentally.
Now for the changes that I have to come in 2009. I have went back to school to finish my Associates degree this will be completed in March. I finally finished my last bookkeeping test and hopefully will find out the results today or tomorrow if I am a certified bookkeeper. I am going to make 2009 my year. There are some other changes that I am going to have to make that I really don't want to face but if I don't it will put me in my grave earlier than I should be. I am going to have to leave my husband. I have been trying my best to be strong and not worry about what he does but it is taking a toll on my and my stress level. Since I really don't have the desire to eat I am taking my atitude out on other people. I really love him and want to work things out but how many times can you let a person cheat on you and keep staying. I am just being his fool and I don't like the way that it feels anymore. I am going to change to a more positive subject because I can feel the tears coming. I spent the new year in bed sick and had a lot of time to think about what I want out of 2009.

1. Is to be happy
2. To love myself the way I use to
3. Find a new job
4. Build up my confidence
5. Reach my goal weight

I don't feel any of the things that I have listed are hard to attain. I am just going to stay prayful and let the Lord show me the path to take.

Peace and Blessing for all in 2009



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