Home Again, Home Again - Adventures in Flying!!

Oct 29, 2010

Four days after surgery, it was time to go home. 
Surgery was in Puerto Vallarta - FABULOUS!
But home is in Bellingham Washington - 6 hour flight with a 2 hour lay over. Not so fabulous.
I was torn between a straight flight of 6 hours, or breaking up the flight with a 2 hour lay over. 
Since I wanted to be able to get up and walk to lessen the risk of blood clots from sitting too long, I opted for the lay over. 
There is no way around it, the flight and lay over were hell.
Quit simply, there is no way to get comfortable on the airplane. 
Get up and walk in the aisle, do leg stretches in the seat, it doesn' t matter. 
No real pain, just great unending uncomfortableness. 

So, then the lay over. 
I had hoped it would give a nice break in the flight. 
But it was little better. Yes I could walk about freely, but there was still no way to get comfortable. 
And the flight got delayed, so the lay over got extended.
Again, I wasn't in any real pain, just great discomfort. I wanted to lie down, but it wasn't a possibility.
I very nearly cried.
Then I had to get back on the plain again, for another three hour flight. 
Once in Seattle, I then had a two hour drive home, but at least in the car I could recline in relative comfort. 

Which do I recommend - a direct flight or one with a lay over?
On a direct flight I could have taken a sleeping pill and been oblivious, but would have increased my risk of blood clots.
On the lay over, I had greater opportunity to move about, lessening the risks but lengthening the discomfort. Granted I probably could have taken a sleeping pill on the lay over flight, but wasn't sure how I'd be when we changed planes. 
So, if you are traveling a long distance home after surgery allow me to suggest paying extra for first class for the return flight. 
I didn't but definitely wished I had!!