On Returning to Work

Oct 31, 2010

 After surgery I was not scheduled to return to work for 10 days. Dr. Castaneda had suggested longer, but like most people I work for a living and only have so much sick/vacation time to take off. However, I was very fortunate that all my time off was approved as sick time. 

I had spent the time after surgery in getting plenty of rest, proper nutrition, walking as much as possible, and doing healing meditations. So when the time came to return to work, I felt up to the task. Yet, after one full day on the job I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I was not in any pain at work, but I was extremely uncomfortable, and very easily tired to the point of wanting to sleep on my own therapy couch! 

Fortunately, I work for very caring people and with clients who are flexible in scheduling*. After talking with them, arrangements were made that for the first week I would only work half days. With a return to full time the following week. If you can do this at all, I strongly recommend it. The gradual progressive return to the full expectations of my life (wife, mother, counselor, etc) was much less taxing on my system. 

By the time I returned to full time, my stamina had returned for the most part. And I was no longer as physically uncomfortable. All of which made the days much more enjoyable. So my advise: a gradual progressive return to pre-surgery levels of life are best. 

*Note: My co-workers did know that I had WLS. As they are a large part of my support network, and I didn't want anyone to think I was seriously ill especially when I started loosing lots of weight. So, I had shared with them what I was doing. My clients (I'm a child  & family counselor) did not know why I was out, except that I was taking a vacation in Mexico. To anyone who doesn't know, if they ask, I'm doing the South Beach diet. Which I am. I just leave out the surgery part.