José Antonio Castañeda Cruz

"Dr. Jose Antonio Castaneda-Cruz ___________________________________________ Puerto Vallarta, JAL.,Mexico Through: Dr. Website is: or YouTube Interview w/Dr. Castañeda-Cruz: YouTube of his Surgery: ___________________________________________ Pre Surgery Impressions: Even prior to surgery, Dr. Castañeda-Cruz was fabulous in answering every question, very willing to fill out all the paperwork required, and has provided clear written instructions for pre and post opp care/eating, as well as for possible risks. His specialty is not just weight loss, but all digestive tract and surgery for diabetes. As such, he is quite able to handle any hernias or other anomalies he may find. I also like that he only does 2 or 3 surgeries per day, thus not going into any surgery over tired. Plus, he has a nutritionist and psychologist on site. Further, surgery takes place at a hospital, not a clinic. He has 200+ surgeries, with NO mortalities, and less than a 1/2% complication rate for the VSG. FYI: Size used in 32; drainage tube used, but removed prior to hospital discharge. Post Surgery Impressions: Dr. Castañeda-Cruz and his staff were sensitive to my physical needs as a large person, as well as my emotional needs. While I was afraid, it was not of his skill, but of the impending changes. He and his staff where very sympathetic to my fears. Also, it was amazing to have a surgeon who remained available during the entire hospital stay. This is unheard of in the USA. The only downside is that not all the hospitals nurses spoke alot of English. while this made communication a challenge, it really didn't cause any problems. Therefore, for both his skill as a surgeon and his compassion for others I have no reservations in referring Dr. Castañeda-Cruz and his team to anyone who is considering bariatric surgery. "

Premiere Hospital

"In general, hospitals in the USA are much less personable. In the USA the focus is disease oriented, at this hospital the focus was on the person. It felt less cold and sterile, and more warm and supportive. "