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Hi Yall,

I did a DS in 2009 (over 700) and have been living at 180-200 range since then. I have some mens issues that are complex, so I am guessing I would need a plastic surgeon and like someone that specializes in gender reassignment stuff to

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Hi everyone! I did my DS in Nov 2009 and have gone from 650+ to 180. I am very happy and returning to life! I really need skin surgery badly now, and I am not really clear on where to start. I am in ATL but I did my DS in Dayton, OH with Dr John Maguir

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Hey yall i havent posted in a few years, but here is an album of my new do-over on life! I am settled in around 180lbs now and while I need to now get skin surgery (and the thought of it really freaks me out, maybe more than the DS surgery, as I know h

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The burning anus - Ominous sounding huh? So I'm a year and 7 months out from my open DS. I had an anal fissure that while sort of healed got exacerbated from all the lovely DS 5+ poops a day. I ha...

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looking totally hot! congratulations :-)

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