Happy New Year

Jan 01, 2010

So, it's now 2010, and I'm rolling into year 5 as a successful post op.  I finally put on a few pounds.  It's pretty common to add 10-20 lbs after you reach your all time low.  Put me down for another 10 thankyouverymuch, and I get to stay the same size, so something's shifted in my favor along the way.  My labs are in decent shape and pretty easy to keep up with.  Since my first year post op, I've not had to supplement iron at all.  I do enjoy red meat daily, so that may be a good contributor.  I find myself craving carbs more, and its because I eat them.  Being this far out, I do keep a closer eye on the scale and weigh about every month or two, after going a couple of years without weighing at all.  I let my jeans be my guide. 

Speaking of jeans, I wore out my first pair in 2009.  I mean, I wore holes in the knees and front part before I grew out of them.  I wear them, holes and all like a trophy now.  They're my favorite weekend knock arounds.


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