8 Plus years Post op - update

Feb 20, 2014

Yeah, I let some time go by, but I still poke in here from time to time.  Over the last couple of years I finally stopped fighting my body to remain a size 8 and allowed myself to relax.  I relaxed into a size 10-12, and dare I say I don't mind it.  I put on about 20 lbs to get here, and I'm not all that concerned.  My mother says I no longer look like a scarecrow and I got boobs back (hubby is pleased with that, btw).  Considering the expectation is to regain 15-20% of ewl, I'm still way ahead of the game.  Understanding how food affects me continues to be a learning process, but I know a hell of a lot more today.  Straight milk is an absolute "HELL NO".  I've almost eliminated onions, for they make for explosive poops in the middle of the night, and aside from rice noodles, I avoid more than two bites of pasta.  Yogurt is my probiotic, and greek is packed with protein, too.  I still don't participate in organized exercise.  I still get bored with it, but I'm always up for something that's fun instead of dawdling around.  I travel for work now, and living on the road is no big deal either.  The Marriott will make me whatever I want, but I usually just dissect and rearrange their standard dishes and they fill my requests occasionally with a raised eyebrow, like when I asked for meatballs marinara over mashed potatoes, but they do so with a smile.  If anyone is wondering, carrying vitamins with you on the plane is no problem either.  I have them in my purse or laptop bag and even if they're all bunched together in a zip loc they never even notice. 

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