I have been overweight or should I say Obese for more than 10 years, went from 145 to the most I ever weighted 215 I'm only 5'1". I have try so many forms of diets and prescription medication (meridia, Xenical, Adipex, bontril and over the counter) and some have work but for a short period of time. 4 years ago I was diagnose with severe sleep apnea my pressure was 8-12 and just recently had another sleep study because my husband kept on saying that I snored even with the cpap on. I tried to avoid to have this surgery by trying other alternatives like going to the ENT and checking if i was a candidate for airway opening, but he said I was very narrow and I didn't qualify. In April of this year a best friend die while sleeping and the cause was sleep apnea after that I have not been able to sleep well, I enter into a panic where I am always thinking that I could die because of my condition and I just can not get used to this CPAP machine I tried all the mask already.I go to sleep with it on and in the morning is back on my night stand  and I cannot tell you at what point I took it off.

 My cardiologist recommended the surgery because my blood pressure was higher and higher and he said that was to much for my heart, he had prescribe a bpm (Cozaar) that cause me to have this hacking cough for more than 6 months and this was the worst of all. I don't want to be all my life feeling miserable because my health is deteriorating and not getting any better soon. On top of all the health issue my vitamin D and B12 are very deficient and the calcium too and this was playing a role on my decision because I know that this can be side effects of the surgery and I already have them.  

After carefully researching the different type of surgery I decided that I wanted to have the VSG just because I don't have to have a foreign object in my body plus I already suffer from reflux and have learned that the band causes reflux in some cases. The gastric by pass will be to drastic for me with the issue of the diversion of the small intestine and all the complications with the mal absorption which if follow correctly the instructions it might not happen but I don't want to risk any more the deficiencies that I already have.

So VSG is the way to go, I am still very scare of having this done but then again I am scare of going to sleep and not wake up. I want to be able to sleep without having this worry, I also would like to go shopping and not struggle because nothing really fits or don't look right. I want to go out and enjoy the outdoors and not feel like I'm going to pass out because of fatigue and shortness of breath.

I have a son and daughter 20/16 and would love to be able to do more things with them, outdoor activity and one of my goals is to be able to ride a bike again and skate...so the decision is made and I need all the support I can get. I have had  nays and yays of friends and family and they were sometimes that I really doubted about doing this...one of my BF said that "I was more intelligent than that" That I can do it on my own with a healthy lifestyle change and eating habits just eating more healthier, instead of paying Dr. co-pays I should buy myself a pair of running shoes and go out and do more exercise and set a goal to run a 5K and so on.

All of this can be true but I have struggle trying to do this and I really need something to help me achieve this and not suffer in the process with the ups and downs of gaining and losing weight. It really made me doubt but sometimes we are just worry about what other people think and not what we really want to accomplish and maybe is an easy way but I think is only part easy I still have to do the rest of it.

With the help of God and my supportive family and friends I will achieve this and make it a life time change for the rest of my life and yes that 5k will be one of my goals eventually.

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