"Divorcing" 24 hours before Surgery!!!!

Dec 25, 2010

It has been a long ride saying bye, bye to my former friends the fast food chains and restaurants and all related to unhealthy eating, imagine it has been 36 years of my life my parents feed me my first happy meal at age 4 so imagine this has been a longtime relationship and not easy to let go, but I am not going to let a hamburger, fries, and even the mcrib control the rest of my life Sorry guys no More "divorce is imminent!!!

With that said and done, lets move on my surgery is tomorrow at 1:45pm , I'm here with mix feeling, anxiety and at the same time excited because I know this will be the first day of the rest of my life. I just pray that everything goes well and that God guides the hands of the Dr's and medical staff through this 1st step of my journey.

I took the milk of magnesium last night cherry flavor not so bad, but I am a very bad drinker.. this morning I had a warm tea and a jell-o would have wish to have a "Big Breakfast" not...I am committed and this is definitely going to happen. I am going to post some more before pictures I was 203 on Tuesday when I visit the Dr. but yesterday I weighted my self and it read 207 but its my fault I overate some its the holidays and its not going to happen again after surgery...I am wondering if I'm going to be losing all the overweight and more that freaks me out because I really don't want to be to skinny and look like I have anorexia. Dr's said that 50-60pounds is what he expects me to lose..

The good news of all this journey that while at the Dr's office I met a friend and she is having the surgery the same day I am so we will be able to support each other and go through this journey together. I'll talk her in and see if she will do the 5k with me.


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