10 days Post-Op

Jan 05, 2011

  Hey I have lost 12 pounds since surgery, its showing in my face first which is good have had big cheeks for a while...lol
feeling alittle much better I started to drink today 3-4oz at a time but it take me 15-25minutes still having trouble... with the very thick soups so they ave to be very watery..adjusting so far..I get away with cooking now for the family and enjoy more I thought it would be torture but in fact it isn't I cooking healthier meals and I can't wait till I too can eat them but for now I am OK with just cooking it... Went to the Dr's had a B12 shot today for energy was feeling a bit tired but I too have been going every where and not being still..this experience has been a very strong but at the same time worth it I have suffer some pain but no as bad as I thought..Only issue is that anything I drink no matter what hurts going done is like a pressure but the doc said is because the esophagus is swollen and the stomach is very irritated hello we just took out 2/3 of your stomach..Can I have it back??? nope not reversible...

It was good to see that when I step on the scale the Dr didn't have to run the bar to the 200 yippee now I'm 192.3#


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