How to Eat for Muscle Growth After Bariatric Surgery

I was over the moon when I received an email that someone had requested I write on this topic! The world of fitness after bariatric surgery is a new and sometimes overwhelming world indeed. I guarantee you this, you’ll never regret building a fit and strong physique. With that being said, as bari...

Before & After VSG with Robert, losing 121 pounds!

Why I Decided To Have WLS I weighed 175 pounds when I got married in 1977. Throughout the next 40 y...

5 Tips For Moving Past Obese Thinking After WLS

Obesity isn't just a physical disease, it's a mental and emotional disease as well. According to the...
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  • Surgery on Monday.... feeling a little down.


    I had my surgery on Monday (12-11 Bypass) and I'm feeling a little down.  I'm asking myself what did I do to myself?!?!  I feel like a Mack truck hit me and It's not a good feeling.  I can't...

  • Halfway through


    I am officialy halfway threw my liquid diet. It hasn't been as bad as I thought. of course I crave many of the foods I am not aloud to eat. Solid foods. but I havn't been as hungrey as I tho...

  • Vsg


    So I had my surgery yesterday, I'm still in the hospital post-op. First let me say that my stomach region hurts it is so sore, the nausea and vomiting are terrible. Thankful for the meds tha...

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  • off/track/depression and Holidays


      I will be back on board Jan 2nd 2018.........

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  • My truths


         This past year has been a real drag for me, and I have gone threw so much that I would not wish any of it upon my enemies (don't have any for the record!) but today out of all days it t...

  • Weight and Measurements


    Highest Weight 325lbs   09-30-17; Starting weight - 315lb - (-10lbs)   09-21-17; weight - 287lb - (-28lbs)   10-31-17; Measurements; - Belly - 54, Hips - 59, chest - 50, R. Arm - 1...

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  • 12/10/2017

    Pat R.

    So happy to have has a loss this past month, even if it's only 0.8 lb. Tried to stay on plan, but the drive to Florida from RI with my parents left very few good choices!! Usually stress mak...

  • Fun Begins


    Today I started my 10 Day pre-Op diet. I had this one for breakfast to try it. I did not like this stuff at all. It was like drinking a thick, foamy, pudding that wasn't set. For my second d...

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  • Just wanna document


    Today's Saturday. I had VSG Wednesday. Some of the things I have learned, and like everyone on here will tell you, everyone is different. So this is my experience so far. The preop diet is d...

  • More Introductions


    Greetings All,  I am still new to all of this and I am learning to post and read the forums etc. Let,  introduce myself further. I am Lisa-Marie Perkins-Williams, I am turning 37 years old o...