The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part Two

Previously in my “The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part One” article, we had an overview of the possible reasons of dissatisfaction with weight loss surgical outcomes. These were divided into the possible patient and surgical causes. We didn't get into the details of so...

The Responsibility for a Failed Weight Loss Surgery Procedure, Part One

Obesity is a leading cause of morbidity, illness, and death in the United States. Obesity in adolesc...

Before & After VSG of Dr. Youssef, losing 111 pounds!

Why I Decided To Have WLS Hi, everyone I am 64 years old and an obesity surgeon. In addition, I'm a...
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    Life since surgery... where do I start? My gastric bypass surgery was 03/05/2018. I'm happy to say that I have not been sick one time since surgery. I went into surgery knowing that this was...

  • Marriage, moving and getting back on track!


    Hi guys, Yes, I said marriage. I got married to my beautiful beau on April 16th of this year. We also moved to the outskirts of California, on a 2.5 acre ranch for our online business and it...

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  • Newbie ... approval process for bcbs il hmo


    Good morning Everyone, 1st visit with pcp about referral for getting vsg surgery... Got the referral bmi was 54.6, I had lost 12 pounds since my last visit in may. I have bcbs of IL. hmo, wh...

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  • Starting my VSG Journey


    Good Morning Everyone,  Started the process on 5/18 I have bcbs of IL. hmo, my previous pcp was nonchalant when I spoke with her about the sleeve, she never followed up with me, so I switch ...

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  • 1 month out!!!!


    Yesterday was my one month follow-up appointment. I”ve lost 31 lbs since surgery. This is quite insane. Certainly clothes are literally starting to fall off of me. My mom is almost insistent...

  • WooHoo... 10 years later!!!!!


    June 2, 2008 was the big day and here it is 10 years later! It's been 5 years since I've last blogged about my journey to a healthier me. I'm still workingthis tool and its been up and down ...

  • ???? lbs!


    I’ve been a member on here since I started the Oftifast in January, but have never posted on here. Since today is a monumental milestone for me, I thought I would share. As of today, I reach...

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  • Dealing with anxiety and dieting


    I'm still pre surgery but trying to diet to lose 20 pounds before surgery. I feel like I do well at work because i'm busy and working really hard. My problem is I deal with a bunch of anxiet...

  • Just got real...


    Today was my pre op appointment. And I paid the remainder of my bill. This just got real !!!  My surgery is this Friday and I am so ready! I’m anxious and my mind is running through all I ne...

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  • Looking up


    currently 204.0 When I went out this morning, I was reflecting on how far I've come.  My highest weight around 8 years ago was 354.6...or 356.4.  That is 150 pounds.  That amount still amaze...

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