Non-Scale Victories Matter

Your Non-Scale Victories Matter! These 3 Articles Explain Why

April 24, 2024

Your Non-Scale Victories Matter! Throughout your weight loss journey, it is so easy to fixate on the numbers you see staring back at you as you step on the scale. And when those numbers fluctuate because of several different factors, it can be stressful and leave you feeling defeated. But remember this, when we set our weight loss goals, they are not always just about how many pounds we want to lose. We set goals to get rid of our comorbidities, to be able to take long walks and play with our children and grandchildren, to make better food choices. We want to feel more energized and healthy, cross things off of our bucket list, get rid of knee, back, and joint pain, and develop healthier habits.

Weight loss plateaus and challenges are a given along the way, but those non-scale victories remind us of our accomplishments, the goals we have reached, and the successes of improved physical and mental wellbeing. Embracing and celebrating victories beyond the scale helps us to be mindful of the many positive transformations within our journey. Non-scale victories matter…and these three articles remind us why!

Importance of Non-Scale Victories (NSV) to Your WLS Journey

When trying to live a healthier lifestyle, the first thing most individuals going through the process think about is the number on the scale. But the scale is not the only measure of your success. Lauren Sanchez, WLS post-op and ObesityHelp Conference Co-Host, shares seven common non-scale victories and some of her personal ones.

It’s Not All About Numbers – Why Non-Scale Victories are Vital

Non-Scale Victories are Vital

The truth is that it can be challenging to push through one’s own resistance and keep performing healthy habits when the scale does not seem to want to budge. During these times, it is important to consider the non-scale victories you are achieving in the process of losing weight. Reminding yourself of all the benefits of your new commitment to a healthy lifestyle will serve to reinforce your efforts.

The Power in Non-Scale Victories After WLS

Power in Non-Scale Victories

It can become too easy to get completely obsessed (and become disheartened) over the number reflected back on the scale. When stalls happen, they can be depressing. Some might even see it as a failure if they don’t reach a specific number – but this is far from the truth. The scale is only one measurement of health and progress! Here are 8 other ways you can measure and celebrate your progress and power in non-scale victories after WLS.

Non-Scale Victories Matter