before after gastric bypass rny with deartiara losing 110 lbs

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Deartiara, losing 110 lbs!

May 16, 2017

Why I Decided to Have WLS

After having difficulty conceiving our last child, my doctor explained the possibility that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, P.C.O.S. However, once we were able to successfully get pregnant and deliver our son, I thought I had been misdiagnosed. After losing all my baby weight, I was feeling great! Little did I know that weight loss would be short lived.

Within, a year or so, I was up to 240 pounds and gaining. Despite my efforts to eat right, exercise, and live an overall active and healthy lifestyle, I was packing on the pounds. I ate the same as my family, we worked out together, we hiked together, and I was the ringleader for our group during our 5K’s. Though my doctor continuously pointed out the obvious classic P.C.O.S. signs, I was still in denial.

It wasn’t until my blood work revealed pre-hypertension that I accepted I might have a real issue. It was at that point that I said “alright, I think you may be right! I need help!” I signed up for the Optifast program through Kaiser Hospital and started my new plan.

This kickstart would consist of a combination of an all liquid diet, weekly counseling, weekly labs, and exercise. I completed the program and was very happy with the results. Once I reintroduced solid food into my life, I began gaining weight instantly.

So, I increased my cardio and would push myself so hard during workouts I would get injured. I was trying to prove to myself and others that I am not just another “lazy fat girl” looking for excuses. I was trying so hard to prove myself that I would push myself through each injury, causing permanent damage, and eventually resulting in me having to sit out with sharp shooting pain. In turn, I was depressed and frustrated for allowing myself to get to a point where weight loss surgery was even an option for me to consider. With my rapidly declining health, physical and emotional agony, I decided WLS was the answer and that I needed help.

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Deartiara

OH Username:  deartiara
Total Weight Loss:  110 pounds
Surgery Type:  Gastric Bypass RNY
Surgery Date:  March 18, 2014
Surgeon: Dr. Elias Ortiz

Having Surgery and Life as a Post-Op

After making the decision to have weight loss surgery, the process began by deciding which surgery procedure to have. After years of on and off research to explore all of my surgery options, I decided on the RNY. Once I selected my surgeon and date, I secured my plane ticket, finances, and I was on my way to Mexico to take full advantage of medical tourism.

Being a San Diego native (living in Atlanta, Georgia), I was completely confident with traveling to Mexico alone to have my surgery. However, I reminded myself along the way that this experience would be what I made it be. I was determined to make my experience a positive one. I embraced any and everything different/unique. I looked over the medical instruments and thought to myself “they look a bit dated, isn’t it nice that Mexican people are able to perform the same task (just as good if not better) as American doctors with what appears to be less expensive equipment, while passing the savings on to their patients by keeping the cost affordable.

Due to the large number of patients scheduled, I was lucky enough to be roomed with a wonderful patient and her supportive mother. We laughed and discussed what we were hoping to achieve by having the surgery. Our surgeons came in and introduced themselves, and addressed any questions we may have had. We looked like teenager girls, smiling at each other as we silently communicated how handsome both surgeons were. My roommate was taken to the operating room first, and then myself.

Once in the OR, just like that, I closed my eyes and woke up.  That moment I refer to as “The First Day of The Rest of My Life.” I was determined to change! Everything asked of me, I did!

I walked the floors of hospital day and night. I walked, and burped, and passed wind for several days until I was ready to head home. I felt a bit overwhelmed with trying to ingest the full amount of liquids with my newly sized stomach. It didn’t seem possible. I set an alarm on my phone as a reminder to sip water every 15 min. I measured every ounce of food I ate.

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Deartiara

I joined a support WLS support group to ensure that I was surrounded by people who were of like minds. I began making myself available to anyone who wanted to discuss my surgery or had questions about the process. I wanted to be as transparent with those that were seriously considering weight loss surgery.

With the support and encouragement of my husband, I began writing a book about my entire experience from deciding on medical tourism to complications after surgery, to relationships with family and friends, and advocating for those starting the process. I currently spend time playing “therapist/friend” to those who want to talk to someone directly who has had the surgery and is willing to hold their hand through the process. We all have or should have someone we can trust not to judge us for making this decision. A safe place to unload.

Though I did suffer from complications after surgery, this has been the best decision of my life.

I vlogged my journey to allow others to walk with me through the process. I hope to meet as many WLS patients and hopefully inspire someone by my personal journal for health and freedom from obesity.

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