Before AfterVSGwithKellyjean_46 losing 108 pounds

Before & After VSG with Kellyjean_46, losing 108 pounds!

October 3, 2017

Why I Decided To Have WLS

For over 25 years, I struggled with my weight. I had tried all the diets out there. I'd lose 10 or 15 pounds but then I'd gain back 15 or 20 pounds. It was such an ongoing yo-yo cycle.

I had high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea and was pre-diabetic. I was told many years ago that if I didn't get my weight under control I would be dead by the time I was 30. By the time I was 46, I realized enough is enough. I could barely breathe. I was having difficulty walking past two or three houses down the block.

I would watch my young children shovel snow because of the simple fact that I couldn't do it and that was very unfair to them. I knew that if I didn't take control of my life, I wouldn't be around for my kids or my grandchildren.

Before & After VSG with Kellyjean_46

User name: Kellyjean_46
Surgery Date: 4-8-14
Surgery Type: VSG
Weight Lost: 108 pounds
Surgeons: Dr. Anoosh and Dr. Sapala

My Surgery and Post-Op Life

I had my surgery on April 8, 2014, and was in the hospital for three nights. I became dehydrated so I had to return to the hospital for another five days. I took 10 days off from work and on the 10th day, I went back to work. I can definitely say that it was the best decision I ever made and never once have I regretted having WLS.

I'm no longer taking high blood pressure medication. I don't have sleep apnea and no longer pre-diabetic.

Not only can I keep up with my children and my grandchildren but they sometimes have a hard time keeping up with me! I feel great!

I can wear anything I want and I can do anything I want. All the goals that I want to hit I am confident that I will. Not only can I wear a bikini but I think I look pretty good in one for a 50-year-old woman.

Special Milestone / Non-Scale Victory

  • I'm 50 years old but I feel 25. To be honest, no one ever guesses my age-most people think I'm in my 30's.
  • I can wear a bikini and feel proud of how I look.
  • I no longer hate myself, to be honest, most days I love myself.
  • I love the fact I can walk into any store now and if I like it I will buy it, all styles-I can even fit into junior size clothes!
  • I was the big girl no one noticed but now I see a lot younger men looking at me and asking me out on dates.
  • I fit in with the crowd at work instead of standing out.
  • I can wrap a bath towel around me and have left over.
  • I can paint my own toe nails.
  • When I tie my shoes the bows are on the top where they are supposed to be, not on the side.
  • I no longer have sleep apnea or have high blood pressure.
  • I'm no longer pre-diabetic.
  • I feel incredible. When I pass a mirror sometimes I even shock myself and wonder who that person is! Hope this doesn't sound vain because I'm the furthest thing from that but I do love the new improved me!

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