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To Be Vegan…or Not To Be Vegan

This is a question that has been an ongoing, central topic in the world of nutrition.  It is a topic that incorporates humanity, belief, science, culture and personal preference.  If a person decides to live on only plant-based foods, is that enough? Will plant-based foods give a person everything they need in the diet alone?  […]

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What Is Carb Sensitivity and How To Know If You Have It

It seems like the latest buzz is always about carbs! Some say all carbs are bad. Others say there are some good carbs, but only those with a low glycemic index. And what about the health promoting resistant starch, a carb that is contained in legumes and pasta to help you feel full? It’s a […]

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10 Ways to Keep Your Weekend Eating on Track

Note: This article contains some recommendations concerning types of foods to be included in your diet. If you have had weight loss surgery, please first and foremost follow the guidelines and recommendations provided to you by your surgeon and/or dietitian. You could be the most regimented person in the world during the weekdays. Breakfast at […]

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Are Bariatric Vitamins Best for WLS Patients?

Vitamin supplementation often causes a lot of confusion after surgery.  There is an entire industry of vitamin manufacturers who focus exclusively on postoperative weight loss surgery patients.  While this industry meets a very important need, it also contains players who sell poor quality vitamins at inflated prices. Most surgery practices offer vitamins for sale in […]

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Yay or Nay: Commercial Weight Loss Programs For Regain?

“Regain” is the word that all post-ops fear to experience. Unfortunately, it is a normal physiological response to extreme weight loss, as well as a side effect of slipping back into old habits. But what help is out there for those of us struggling with regain? Take a look at the resources below and consider […]

Healthy Processed Foods

Who Said Processed Foods Aren’t Good For You?

Despite what you may hear, processed foods can be part of a healthy diet! Thanks to the food processing techniques enrichment and fortification, Americans are better at meeting nutrient goals for vitamins A, C, D, and E, thiamin, folate, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Processed Foods Are More Than Cheetos On the flip side, we can’t […]

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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are all the rage these days and are promoted by many fitness and nutrition advocates. But what makes a good protein supplement, and when is an appropriate time to use them? There is most certainly a time and place for these products, especially as they relate to weight loss surgery. 4 Important Points […]

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10 WLS-Friendly Foods to Eat for Energy

Many people associate carbohydrate-rich foods with providing energy. However, as most weight loss surgery patients know, the post-operative diet is limited in carbohydrates due to their ability to cause weight regain. Fortunately, there are several other foods that are capable of providing you with long-lasting energy, despite having a lower carbohydrate makeup. If you feel […]


When to Use Probiotics With Weight Loss Surgery

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that have health benefits. Many probiotics help your body function properly, especially your digestive system. The body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Bacteria that naturally reside in your intestines help your body digest food, produce vitamins (specifically vitamin K), and play a role in immunity. […]

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Is There Space on the Plate for Processed Foods?

Processed foods have been the hot topic of many a nutrition discussion in recent years. The concern? It has been blamed for numerous ailments, from obesity to heart disease, cancer to diabetes. As food preparation has gotten easier and more convenient over the years, the quality of many foods has decreased, with many important nutrients […]