2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops

Announcing the 2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops & Facilitators

June 6, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops and Facilitators! These workshops are designed to help you gain valuable strategies and tools to support your weight loss journey. The facilitators are experts in their field and have worked with 1000's of people in the bariatric and weight loss communities.

The workshops have limited seating, so they will run on Friday and Saturday to accommodate more ticket holders. Signing up for a workshop is on a first-come, first-served basis, and each attendee can register for just one workshop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to purchase your conference ticket by August 19th;
as workshop sign-ups will begin on August 20th at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

2024 Bariatric Connect ticket holders will receive the link to sign up via their email through Eventbrite.

The 2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops are tailored to benefit patients directly. We request that support individuals allow patients the chance to participate by refraining from signing up for the limited seating. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation! If seats are still available after the initial signup period, we will send out another email with extra opportunities to sign up, including for support people.

We'll send reminder emails to you as the event draws near; keep an eye on your inbox and the conference group!

2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops & Facilitators


Dr. Heather Gibson


Conquering Emotional Eating: Strategies for Success

Many of us engage in some level of emotional eating. It could be a habit, lack of planning, boredom, stress relief, celebration, or even due to deeper emotional scars and trauma. This workshop will help you better understand the root causes and, most importantly, what you can do to make positive changes. Join Dr. Gibson as she shares the strategies she has found most effective for addressing emotional eating based on her 18 years of clinical work with bariatric and weight management patients.

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Dr. Steven Reyes


Your Mind is Not Your Mirror: Tools for a Healthy Body Image

This informative workshop will dive into the origins of personal bias and self-criticalness as it pertains to body image and the importance of establishing body image acceptance. Dr. Steve will show you how to counter the internal and external influences that reinforce a skewed self-perception. Attendees will gain tools, skills, and the correct mindset to nourish a healthy body image, empowering them to maintain their health through self-care. It’s time to get your mind and mirror in agreement.

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Dr. Melissa Bailey


Staying on Track: Tools to Combat Stress & Build Resilience

Have you ever felt such overwhelming stress that you were too exhausted to care for yourself? Too drained to plan meals, hit the gym, or reach out for support? Stress is not just an emotional eating trigger; it can create significant barriers to weight management and health. If left unmanaged, daily stress and significant life-changing events can lead to procrastination, isolation, and ultimately, giving up on goals and facing unwanted weight regain. Join Dr. Melissa Bailey for a compassionate and informative workshop focused on developing practical skills and action plans to address stress and build resilience, helping you stay on track.

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2024 Platinum Sponsors

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2024 Bariatric Connect Workshops