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ObesityHelp Community Tips: Vitamins After Weight Loss Surgery

July 24, 2014

It is important for the bariatric patient to take vitamin and mineral supplements, not only to prevent adverse health conditions that can arise after surgery, but because some nutrients such as calcium can enhance weight loss and help prevent weight regain. (ASMBS, Integrated Health Nutritional Guidelines).

Taking vitamins after weight loss surgery is an important part of staying healthy.  However, remembering to take vitamins is a common struggle among many post-ops.  We reached out to our followers on ObesityHelp's Facebook page and asked for their tips and strategies for remembering to take their vitamins.

Stay organized!

  • "I have a pill case for the week with AM/PM vitamins. I set it up every Sunday for the week." -Nanette
  • "I have a ton of prescriptions. I keep the bottles in a bin from the Dollar Tree right next to where I sit at my computer. I have a master list of which ones I take in the morning, in the late afternoon, and at bedtime. I have reminders on my phone for the morning and afternoon pills. I have too many to fit in those M-F pill containers so I dispense them one at a time each time. I also log them in my food/drink log." -Rachel
  • "I use an organizer. I take my vitamins after breakfast and after dinner." -Frances
  • "I have to take two prescription meds and a prescription iron every morning. When I have the three 90 day supplies, I get busy. I bag up 90 days worth of vitamins and meds at a time. I use the little bags from either the drug store or craft store. I also do 180 baggies of afternoon and night vitamins. Then they all go into a big plastic container for storing. It can take several hours to do this but it's so worth it to be able to grab and run. Also great for travel. I take what I need plus two days extra in case of delays. Haven't forgotten vitamins in at least two years. I should add, I keep my big container on my dresser where I see it everyday." -Deb
  • "I have 4 weeks of organizers, which gives me enough time to get refills when I need them." -Malcom-Donna
  • "I have a pill organizer cases for am and pm, plus vitamins/minerals that I take throughout day with alarms on my cell phone to remind me especially when I get busy and don't look at the clock. Every Sunday evening I set up my meds/supplements for the week. Helps me stay on track and saves time too." -Carol
  • " I use an organizer and put them out a week at a time." -Ann
  • " I set mine up weekly in an am/pm pill case... keep it with toothbrush." -Kathy K
  • "I have a morning organizer and an evening organizer. I take my morning ones before I get out of bed and the evening ones right before I go to sleep." -Lee
  • "I use a pill organizer and it stays on my kitchen counter where I can see it." -Bariatric Help 

Utilize technology!

  • "I use an app called pillboxie. It allows you to organize vitamins and prescription meds. It has audio reminders and lets you set up a visual reminder if what the pull looks like. After you take it, you check it off for the day.  It's been a really wonderful tool in helping keep track of my vitamin schedule. Recommend it to everyone!" -Barbara
  • " I use my cellphone." -Bevann
  •  "I had to add a reminder alarm to my phone to take vitamins in the morning and Calcium in the afternoon. This way as I turn off the alarm I reach for them and don't get side tracked and forget." -Kathryn
  • "I use organizers as well as alarms to take my pills on my iPhone." -Dan
  • " I use a weekly container that comes in a book-like case. I set reminders in my phone. Multi, calcium, and fish oil when I get up. B12 and biotin at 9:00. Calcium at noon. Multi at 3:00. Iron and fish oil at bedtime. My year labs came back "phenomenal". -SweetPea
  • "I use reminders on my phone. I have my multivitamin at work and home so no matter where I am they are accessible. My extra vitamins are at home for me to take. Here is info from my doctors. Don't take the calcium within 2 hours of your multivitamin. And DO take your vitamin D with your calcium." -Melanie
  • "Another great tip so you don't run out if vitamins is to use an auto refill service. Many vitamin companies that specialize in bariatric vitamins have programs set up so your vitamins are mailed to you before you run out." - Frances

Create a Routine!

  • "I get up and take my vitamins first thing in the morning. I exercise and then eat breakfast followed by my biotin and D3. The calcium I stir into whatever dairy I am eating that day. The evening vitamins are while I am prepping dinner. It is just so important that I have made it a priority." -MaryAnn
  • "I have a pill box and take my vitamins with my morning coffee. The only time I forget my vitamins is if I have to skip my coffee (for lab work). It's just like people who smoke with their coffee, except I replace cigarettes with vitamins. Anything can become a habit if you make associations (positive or negative)." -Melissa J.
  • "I use VitaMist spray vitamins and take them AM/PM when I brush my teeth-they are sitting right next to my toothbrush." -Sandra
  • "Both DH & I take our multi in the morning & the B12 M/W/F with it. We pack our calcium, D, C, & magnesium in a container to take with our lunch. We take our final calcium with dinner. However, weekends and vacations are a little harder to stay on routine." -Linda
  • "Since I have taken vitamins for so many years it is like second nature to me. I keep mine in my night stand next to my bed. I also use the weekly organizer am pm, but now I am on a new medication and I take it at a different time twice a day then all the others so I have a separate am pm container for them. I do not need to set alarms, I wake up when it is time to take it. The vitamins I take when I get up for the day, then take the second dose before bed." -Sue
  • "I love to eat and do not "allow" myself to eat until I have taken my vitamins." -Laura
  • "Having a schedule you will keep and the vitamins you like always on hand." -Rain
  • "I add my calcium to my breakfast and lunch meals and save my multi for bed time." -Kathy
  • "I am still taking chewable but I'm weird like that cuz it helps me remember them because I taste them not just swallow... I keep a set at work and home at begging I my shift I eat them and either when I wake or before bed... The tricky part for me is the weekend." -Nikki
  • "I keep them on my bathroom counter and take them first thing in the morning as part of my daily routine." -Jill
  • "I keep a set of bottles in my desk drawer at work. It makes taking them during the week so much easier." -Melissa
  • "Pill organizers set up for the week. Tie pill taking to mealtimes and bedtime. Vits, calcium before meals, iron at bedtime." - Pamela

Goals & Accountability

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