#OH2018 fashion show celebration

OH2018 Fashion Show: A Celebration of Bariatric Surgery Success!

November 1, 2018

The ObesityHelp National Conferences are known for their two jam-packed days of celebration! During the conference, we always hold a Fashion Show to celebrate bariatric surgery success, non-scale victories, and improved health. WLS post-op patients proudly share the transformations they've made since bariatric surgery, it is an experience of a lifetime and an unforgettable celebration!.

Deep appreciation goes out to Premier Protein® for their support of the Fashion Show as a Platinum Sponsor, they have been a part of the ObesityHelp National Conferences since 2012, and a Platinum Sponsor since 2015!

We at Premier Protein were so very honored to sponsor and attend the fashion show again this year. We left inspired and awestruck by the courage and strength of all the participants. We’re so excited to see where everyone is on their journeys next year! - Matt Echave, Brand Manager

OH2018 Fashion Show Video & Photos

We hope you enjoy the OH2018 Fashion Show video and the ObesityHelp National Conference photos! This is just a small glimpse of the amazing models, we highly recommend joining us for an in-person experience where you will be amazed at the transformations, non-scale victories, and the supportive environment.

Each year, there are shouts of joy and support, thunderous applause, and even a few happy tears. This is an amazing celebration of health and wellness in the bariatric community! Whether you participate as a model or a member of the cheering crowd, you'll walk away feeling inspired and empowered.

If you’re still having fat brain and not able to see your new body when you look in the mirror, I suggest you participate in the fashion show at the ObesityHelp conference next year. It really helped me see the new me. Awesome experience! - Michelle Jimenez

OH2018 Fashion Show Photos

51 Models with a Total Weight Loss of 7,562 Pounds

For the 2018 ObesityHelp National Conference Fashion Show, we had 51 models walk the runway. As the models walked to the boisterous music, behind them on the screen we displayed a little about them including their surgery type, surgery date, surgeon information, and one of their favorite non-scale victories.

The non-scale victories included so many amazing moments such as resolving comorbidities and no longer being on medications, being able to fit on amusement park rides for the first time, flying without a seatbelt extender, being able to keep up with their children or grandchildren, and so many more. Amongst the models, there was a total weight loss of 7,562 pounds! Congratulations to each and every model for their success, willingness to share their journey with us, and for their motivating spirits.

It is wonderful how, year after year, we are able to witness everyone accomplish so many Non-Scale Victories in the span of one hour. ~ Lauren Sanchez

OH2018 Fashion Show

A little behind-the-scenes info before and after the OH2018 Fashion Show. Prior to the start of the Fashion Show, the models were understandably nervous. However, the moment the models step foot on the runway, see their before and after photos on the screen, hear the cheers from hundreds of attendees in the audience, they experience a level of excitement and exhilaration for a special celebration they'll always remember. At every OH Fashion Show there are always so many memorable moments, this year we wanted to shine a light on two very meaningful ones.

Karen Mahoney (pictured on the left) was able to walk down the runway without an escort this year. This is a very special milestone for Karen, as she has gone from bed-bound to walking with an assist, to just having a hip replacement the month prior to the conference, to now walking the runway completely on her own! Proof that bariatric surgery, an amazing attitude, and dedication can make life-changing transformations. Way to go Karen!

Another special moment is when Victoria Zavala (pictured on the right) walked the runway at 8 mos pregnant! She is proudly celebrating her 130 lb weight loss but also achieving the most amazing non-scale victory of achieving her dream of becoming a mother. By the way, Victoria is pregnant with twins - two baby boys will be arriving soon. Congratulations Victoria, we couldn't be happier for you!

#OH2018 fashion show

Join Us for OH2019

We'd love for you to join us for the 2019 ObesityHelp National Conference on October 4 and October 5, 2019, in Garden Grove, California! More details will be coming soon, you can begin your #OH2019 experience by joining us in the Conference Facebook Group.

Thank you to the 2018 ObesityHelp National Conference Platinum Sponsors!