OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party 2

OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party: Prizes, Photos & Fun!

October 24, 2018

It has become a favorite tradition at the ObesityHelp National Conferences that Friday evening is the Meet & Greet Costume Party. The OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party was a huge hit and attendees had a blast! The Meet & Greet Costume Parties are always fun and a special time for attendees to re-connect with friends and make new ones. What you'll take away from the party are celebrations, friendships, fun, and being together as a community.

OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party

To start off the Meet & Greet Costume Party, attendees entered the ballroom through a tunnel decorated with creepy, ghoulish clowns and a couple of scary live figures lurking around the corners. There was a costume contest with some of the most creative costumes ever, Pixel Photo Booth captured the fun while attendees danced to tunes provided by a DJ.

Before the 2018 ObesityHelp National Conference ended, attendees were already planning their costumes for OH2019!

A special shout out of thanks to our Platinum Sponsor, A Lighter Me, for making this party possible. This was their 5th year in a row as a Platinum Sponsor!

We're very excited to share the photos from the OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party! This album is jam-packed with photos of the costumes, new and long-term friendships, and of the Friday night Pixel Photo Booth pictures.

OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party

OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party

We really enjoyed being able to sponsor the costume party this year, it is great to see everyone’s smiling faces while rocking their awesome costumes!  The costume party is a great way to kick off the conference and we are happy to be able to be a part of it. We look forward to seeing everyone’s creative and amazing costumes next year! ~ Zach Johnston, General Manager, A Lighter Me

The Meet & Greet Costume Party breaks the ice and lets you meet new people in a fun, non-intimidating environment. It’s just easier to get to know each other when you’re dressed in silly costumes. ~ Yelena Kibasova

I dressed up for the costume party because I love Halloween. To me, it is fun to throw on a costume and be someone else for a while and make people laugh and have fun. I was super excited when I won. ~ Darren Crist

OH2018 Costume Party Contest


The six costume contest categories were Best Overall Costume, Best Group Costume, Best Duo Costume, Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, and Most Creative Costume.

A whopping $700 worth of prizes were awarded to the winning costumes, which were provided by Platinum Sponsor,  A Lighter Me:

  • Best Overall Costume, $200 gift card:  Georgette, Heather, Christina, and Jessica
  • Best Group Costume, $250 gift cardKelsey & Justin Downs and Michelle Gladden
  • Best Duo Costume, $100 gift cardFrances Winslow and Lisa Dessert 
  • Scariest Costume, $50 gift cardMelissa Quintana Stein
  • Funniest Costume, $50 gift cardDarren Crist 
  • Most Creative Costume, $50 gift cardFaith Munson 

OH2018 Platinum Sponsor, A Lighter Me Giveaways

Thanks to the giveaways from A Lighter Me, the fantastic prizes continued on. By a random drawing, Zach Johnston, the General Manager of A Lighter Me, drew the names of the three winners! A total of $900 credit for dental and plastic surgery services performed by A Lighter Me, were given away and a FREE Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) procedure. Winners had to be present to win.

  • Credit of $400 towards dental services: Renee Morales
  • Credit of $500 towards plastic surgery services: Lori Howell
  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, value $4,595.00: Jennifer Valenzuela

OH2018 Meet & Greet Costume Party

We'd love for you to join us for the 2019 ObesityHelp National Conference on
October 4 and October 5, 2019, in Garden Grove, California!

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We appreciate the support of the 2018 ObesityHelp National Conference Platinum Sponsors!