OH2023 Meet & Greet

OH2023 Meet & Greet Costume Party Sponsored by PatchMD®️

May 11, 2023

Music, Dancing, Friendship & So Much Fun

Our Meet & Greet Parties are always one of the highlights at our conferences. Past attendees will agree one of their most treasured moments of an ObesityHelp Conference is spending time with friends. Whether you’ve been friends for years, meeting your long-time online friends in person for the first time, or making NEW friends, the Meet & Greet Party is the perfect setting to connect!

OH2023 Meet & Greet Costume Party & Grand Prize Sponsored by PatchMD®️

The Meet & Greet, sponsored by PatchMD®️, is also a costume party! While dressing up is not mandatory, many attendees like to get creative with their costumes. Over the years, we’ve seen so many amazing costumes! People have dressed as protein shakes, Ursula from Little Mermaid, Dorothy and the Tinman, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, and even the French KISS. We absolutely look forward to seeing all of your amazing and unique costumes this year. So let your imagination run wild and tap into your creative side!

#OH2019 Meet and Greet Costume Party french kiss

There will be an exciting costume contest and of course, great prizes ($700 Worth) plus a fantastic Grand Prize from our Meet & Greet Platinum Sponsor, PatchMD®️! Here are the categories and prizes:

  • Best Overall Costume, $200 gift card
  • Best Group Costume, $250 gift card
  • Best Duo Costume, $100 gift card
  • Scariest Costume, $50 gift card
  • Funniest Costume, $50 gift card
  • Most Creative Costume, $50 gift card

Join us for a night of music, fun and memories while showing off your creativity! Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to dance the night away!

Early Bird Pricing, Limited Time Only.

The thing we at PatchMD®️ enjoy most about sponsoring the Meet & Greet Costume Party is seeing the close friendships that develop over the years. After the Pandemic, it was especially noticeable. People were so happy to get out again and the last meeting was exciting just to see old friends all looking so good in their costumes, keeping the pounds away even after the shut-down where everyone was home, held captive by their refrigerator. It was a lot of fun and people really put a lot of thought into the event and their costumes, individually as well as a team look. The costume party is one of the highlights of the event and a joy to judge those sometimes crazy, sometimes serious, but always creative and fun costumes! - PatchMD®️

I think it’s great that a group of strangers came together to share a common goal to attend the OH conference and participate in the costume party as a team. We are part of a supportive community where acceptance, friendship, and wellness are the goal. We support and encourage each other through the process. - Lilia S-G., Bariatric Beauties

When we won the prize, it meant the world to us because it reminded us that we are still worth fighting for. - Samira B., Bariatric Beauties

I love coming to the meet and greets to see all of my support group friends and all the new friends I just made. Developing these friendships and supporting each other is one of the best parts of OH. - Connie W.

The meet and greet night was Super Spooktacular!! What an amazing night with such a wonderful and supportive group of people! It was just so nice to be able to let all my stress go. I spent the night singing, dancing, taking in all the amazing costumes, doing selfies and laughing! The entire conference was absolutely amazing, filled with so much information, products, and for me so many new experiences! I so can’t wait till next year! - Rachelle W.

OH2023 Meet & Greet