Non-Scale Victories are Vital

It’s Not All About Numbers – Why Non-Scale Victories are Vital

October 26, 2022

Why Non-Scale Victories are Vital: Anyone who has ever tried to shed excess weight wants to see the number on the scale decrease QUICKLY! It’s the American way to expect immediate gratification. We are conditioned to believe we can pop a pill or drink a special “weight loss” shake and see instant results with no other effort on our part. We have all been or know someone who has sat on the couch, ordered exercise equipment from an infomercial, and daydreamed about their new fitness-model physique. By the time the package arrived, which magical device was ordered has already been forgotten. 

Hopefully, dieters eventually accept the fact that there is no quick fix for healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Once individuals do find the genuine motivation to put in the necessary effort to shed excess pounds, reality sets in. The truth is that it can be challenging to push through one’s own resistance and keep performing healthy habits when the scale does not seem to want to budge. During these times, it is important to consider the non-scale victories you are achieving in the process of losing weight. Reminding yourself of all the benefits of your new commitment to a healthy lifestyle will serve to reinforce your efforts. 

Non-scale victories are vital and can include the following:

  • A sense of accomplishment – for workouts completed; clean eating plans.
  • An increase in energy and strength.
  • Deeper sleep and less insomnia.
  • An enhanced capacity to handle stressors.
  • Making new social connections who share similar healthy lifestyle interests.
  • The knowledge that you are setting a good example for your children.
  • Clothes fit better.
  • Self-confidence and sense of agency increase.
  • Self-respect is enhanced as you keep your commitment to yourself.
  • Learning to cook new, healthier dishes.
  • Newfound appreciation for all your body does for you.

Making healthy food and fitness choices is a lifestyle. It requires a lifelong dedication to eating a diet of primarily whole, unprocessed foods, exercising most days of the week, getting adequate sleep, connecting to a support system, and various other measures necessary to improve and maintain wellness. While it is easy to be discouraged by the numbers on the scale, it is imperative to consider all the other benefits derived from new habits.  If you were to only focus on the scale’s readout, you would miss out on the joy of the present moment. You would run the risk of disordered eating, increased anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, and body image issues.

It is important to realize that weight is just one component of health. Focusing solely on the scale can lead to ignoring other crucial factors to wellness, such as socializing, resting, relaxing, and eating balanced meals. Recognize, too, that weight fluctuates naturally due to water and food intake, illness, sleep, menstruation, sodium intake, and hormonal changes. The human body is amazing and should be appreciated no matter its size. 

Learn to stack healthy habits in order to gain momentum in your quest for weight loss.

Take notice of the progress you make, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Often, it is difficult to see one’s own personal improvements while in the midst of a major life transition. It may be beneficial to consider working with a professional coach who will offer personalized attention, encouragement, and accountability to help you achieve your goals more efficiently. As you embark on your weight loss journey, take time to celebrate all your victories (with nonfood rewards, please!) and never stop learning and improving!

Coach Jenna Nocera, MA, MFT, CLSC, CPFT is a Life & Wellness Coach, Psychotherapist, and Personal Fitness Trainer.

Non-Scale Victories are Vital


Coach Jenna Nocera, MA, MFT, CLSC, CPFT is a Life & Wellness Coach, Psychotherapist, and Personal Fitness Trainer with advanced degrees in Behavioral Science, Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy. She works with clients to redesign their lifestyle habits. Subscribe to the Formula For Excellence® newsletter to receive a Free Habit Tracker and occasional health and wellness tips.