Surgery on Monday and questioning the surgery.

on 5/20/11 1:29 pm - OH
Ugh! I am revising from band to RNY, (at the advice of my surgeon). My initial feeling was VSG. But my surgeon thinks I will have better success with RNY and mentioned something about it being "reversible" and not a "permanent" removal of the stomach. But I read sooo many posts on here about the whole "malabsorption" issues some have. And that scares the poop outta me! I am pretty young at 39, and really heatlhy and considered a "light weight" at 250 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches tall with a BMI of 41. I am also ADDICTED to sugar and sweets and probably could live on cake and ice cream for the rest of my life!! I thinks that is also another reason my surgeon suggested RNY. She does perform both surgeries tho! Only she said she has been doing band to VSG in a two-part surgery with taking out the band and then later, after stomach healing, going back in to do VSG. I'm just sooo confused and worried I will be the ONE to have crazy complications with RNY. Just how rare are "major" complications with RNY? Or significant malabsorption issues? I see so many "bariatric vits and iron", are'nt these enough? UGH! I am soo confused! I need some help!
Advice anyone?  Maybe this is just normal surgery jitters, but seriously... I am freaking out! What should I do?!?
need some reassurance!
Jackie McGee
on 5/20/11 1:35 pm - PA
If you aren't sure, don't do it. Postpone the surgery and do more research and make a decision that is right for YOU, not one that is right for your surgeon.
on 5/20/11 1:44 pm - OH
I just wish I had a "crystal ball" so that I could know I would not have "issues" with severe malabsorption!! after RNY. That is def. a fear.
but I also have severe insulin resistance and don't know if I could lose all the weight I need to with just VSG! And after failing with the band....another "failed" wls would be emotionally devastating!
I don't know, last week I was 100% confident in my decision and then wammo, today I'm scarred as heck and just sure, I will be the "one" with all the RNY complications!!
on 5/20/11 11:55 pm
 First,    let me tell you my surgery was done 17 years was a combination of most of the procedures being done today.   I do have complications.. I have the anemia, I have  gastric irritations, I have had two  intestinal twists, and I have osteopenia..and lactose intolerance.... The good thing...they are all treatable with over the counter suppliments.... the option was doing nothing and not being alive to  take suppliments.          The surgery also changes your tastes... I went from  craving sweets to wanting dill pickles, and I wasn't even pregnant!    Just make up your mind that you are worth making the changes for, and that you will follow your  doc's instructions as closely as possible.sweetpotato
Mary Catherine
on 5/20/11 1:48 pm
 RNY is the easiest thing I ever did.  It is average to lose 100 pounds in the year after the surgery.  It is not average to dump from sugar afterwards.  All the weird stuff I heard about never happened to me or to anybody I know. Right now there are a lot of people who are in favor of DS or VSG. 

DS is a much more complicated surgery.  It is possibly overkill for someone with 41 BMI. VSG is less complicated.  It does not have malabsorption and people do not always lose as much as with RNY.  Malabsorption is actually a nice thing for me.  Even at close to four years out, I malabsorb much of what I eat. That is a big advantage to me.
on 5/20/11 1:59 pm - OH
thanks marycatherine! I feel like a small child who needs reassurance! LOL! But I DO! And I have met with two doctors, one of which I work for, an Internist, who helped guide me in the decision for RNY so I don't know why I am such a mess right now! I researched wls for 2 yrs before I had the band in 2008 and was confident in THAT decision and I got No Where! I think maybe I lost my confidence in my decision making ability when it comes to WLS! I just have so much fear now.... fear that I will fail again, that I will be the one who has all the weirdo complications and still not lose weight!  Maybe I'm reading too many "complication stories"! I haveta stop that!
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on 5/20/11 4:56 pm
DS on 04/11/11 with
Please, please keep your pylorus where it belongs, where God intended it to be. Please read my story about my revision from gastric bypass to duodenal switch. ndrome.php
on 5/20/11 8:26 pm
You should not have to feel pressured to choose. I have heard of ppl having great success with VSG. I have also heard of much success with RNY.

I am only 2 months out, but everything could not have gone better. I was in the hospital for 2 days, andback to work after 1 week. after having RNY.

I think alot has to do with the surgeon, and their skills. I think that if what you truely want is VSG, than that is what you should choose.

I wish you the best of luck with any chioce that you make.
on 5/20/11 8:28 pm, edited 5/20/11 8:33 pm
get your surgery, be happy :)


on 5/20/11 8:48 pm
Your surgery should be your choice not the surgeon's as YOU have to live with it day in and day out. After he does the surgery on you, he moves on to the next one.

Please rethink this, cancel your surgery for Monday and do more research on all your options. There are many side effects to the RNY, mostly weight regain and insulin issues.

Also, you can not take NSAIDS after having a RNY.

Come talk to those of us on the lightweight board, you will find all four surgeries there.

Just don't let someone talk you into a surgery you are not comfortable with, I don't care how many initials behind their name. They aren't the ones being operated on.


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