Christmas pic with Husband

on 12/26/12 12:50 am - Chattanooga , TN
RNY on 06/13/12

This is me and my husband the sunday before Christmas. As of the 23rd I weighed 193 with a weight loss of 89.

on 12/26/12 12:53 am - Eugene, OR

You look fabulous!  Congratulations on the weight loss.

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on 12/26/12 4:19 am - Chattanooga , TN
RNY on 06/13/12

Thanks so much. i want to get down to 150. It gets harder after the honeymoon

on 12/26/12 2:21 am

You look absolutely FABULOUS! What a lovely couple ... CONGRATS!

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autumnsiggy2RNY 2/5/07 no regain having implemented lifestyle changes....


on 12/26/12 4:20 am - Chattanooga , TN
RNY on 06/13/12

Thanks so much. I want to get to 150. It has gottens so much harder. But to me it is well worth it.

on 12/26/12 6:47 am - NV
RNY on 02/22/12

You look happy and proud, and YOU SHOULD BE!!! Congrats it only gets better!

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Laura in Texas
on 12/26/12 7:07 am
RNY on 09/17/08 with

Great picture!! Is your husband losing weight, too??

Laura in Texas

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on 12/26/12 8:02 am - Brighton, IL

What a great picture! No wonder you look so happy with all your weight loss.