300 squat challenge on facebook

on 12/4/11 5:40 am - broken arrow, OK
I was wondering if anyone was doing the challenge.  A bunch of us that work out at CROSSFIT TULSA are.  Its a good workout that has to be completed over a weekend so it doable.  We usually do the challenge all at once.  They have a suggested workout that includes the 300 squats broken up.  


on 12/4/11 8:30 am - broken arrow, OK
this weeks workout challenge was as follows

40 air squats
break for a minute
60 air squats
20 push ups
60 jumping jacks
repeat 3 times.
as a bonus after each round do ball slams for a minute...no ball??  do 15 burpees

on 12/6/11 11:45 pm - Evangeline , LA
I am glad you posted this!!! I was doing crossfit at the gym and I couldn't afford to keep it up! Thanks!
on 12/7/11 11:23 pm - broken arrow, OK
Thanks, the cool thing about crossfit is it can be done anywhere without equipment.  Google "WODs without equipment" and there is plenty of hard workouts that will keep you in the swing of it!

on 12/15/11 2:29 am - Evangeline , LA
WOW you rock
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