on 9/23/11 3:27 am - Houma, LA
Hello everyone , I am 3 days out from being sleeved. On my paperwork it says I can have smoothies without added fruits. Does anyone know how to make a smoothie without fruit?

Brenda C.
on 9/28/11 3:55 am
Without fruit - is that still a smoothie?  I have made meal replacement shakes with ice & water - in the blender - adding meal replacement powder -- maybe that is what you are looking for? 

If they allow banana - which isn't acidic - I FREEZE my ripe bananas, add a scoop or two of Chike, with water, in my blender on low -- makes a fabulous smoothie!

Maybe you need to ask for THEIR recipes, or at least a better description of what the see as a fruit-free smoothie.

Brenda : )~
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