Anxiety Meds while breastfeeding

Liz R.
on 4/9/10 4:25 am - Easton, PA
OK So I have been on wellbutrin through my entire pregnancy with the OK of OB and family Dr. The OB told me to call and see if it was OK for breastfeeding and it isn't. Now they want me to see a psychiatrist to see what the next step is.

Anyone been in this position?? I am ready to wean myself off of the wellbutirn (Dr is OK with this if I am) because now they have me scared! But then again I am also scared of the PPD and any anxiety that a newborn brings on - HELP!! I don't have depression issues just anxiety - panic attacks, cold sweats, social issues (I don't do well in crowds or waiting in line for some reason - I guess confined / constrained places)

Thanks for your input!

Shari M.
on 4/9/10 4:50 am - Wildomar, CA
I was having anxiety right before birth. They made me wait until having the baby and then I started Paxil. Apparently the anti anxiety meds aren't great for you while pg. I am taking paxil because I needed it 20 years ago and didn't have side effects from it. Studies have shown that Zoloft is best for breast feeding and then paxil, according to my peri and ob. I am on the lowest dose of 20mg and it kicked in within a couple of weeks. Good luck. Shari
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on 4/9/10 4:52 am - Flowery Branch, GA
I want to find out if klonopin is okay while nursing. I'm not on anything right now but I should be and I know I'll need something to keep me sane postpartum. I was on lamictal for bipolar but true to fashion, I took myself off it a long time ago. I use natural techniques and manage but there are still times when I want to kill someone, want to crawl into a dark hole, spend compulsively, etc..

Let us know what you find out. I just want something to bring me back to earth from time to time, not something to take every day.
on 4/9/10 6:57 am
This is one of the major reasons I will not be breastfeeding- That and memories of two massive breast infections the first time around. I also take wellbutrin and it is the only thing that works for me- I've tried it all! It's been a tough decision. It was a tough decision the first time around to not breastfeed too- And I know that so many people have their strong opinions, and I don't want to discourage you. Try some other meds. Maybe you'll be luckier than me. But in the end if that's the only thing that works, trust me it is better for your baby to have a well functioning, non-depressed Mom than it is to be breastfed. Good luck! 

Christie N.
on 4/9/10 7:15 am - Riverton, UT
I refuse to take Zoloft now because it actually CAUSED me to have anxiety, when I was fine to begin with! I took it after I had my daughter and it made me crazy with anxiety for the first 2 weeks. I started to take it a few weeks before I had this one, to help maybe get it into my system before I had the baby to prevent PPD and it was like deja vu again- major anxiety after the first day of taking it. I had to get off the zoloft after 3 days on it because I was going crazy, and you can't take anti-anxiety drugs while pg.

I have taken a few Clomazepam (sp?) the first few days after giving birth and feel pretty good now- my doc says that is ok for nursing Moms. I had to take half at a time though during the day cuz a whole one made me super sleepy!! So at night, I'd take a whole one if I felt anxiety and needed to sleep, lol. I also took Xanax after I had my daughter and I was nursing her and she is fine.

I'm amazed that this time around I don't have PPD like the other two times- and I had it bad the other 2 times!! And mine was more anxiety than depression too. I could deal with the sadness and crying, but not the panick attacks and not being able to sleep cuz my heart and mind were racing with all these weird thoughts. I don't know if it's cuz I've lost all this weight or what and my hormones are more balanced out now. But I'm so much better off this time around post partum! GL to you!

Hit goal weight of 140 at 13 months out from RNY!! 130 pounds GONE! 


Liz R.
on 4/9/10 8:38 am - Easton, PA
THanks Ladies! I'll make an appt with a psychiatrist and see what they say. If I have to go off of meds for a bit while I am home I think that it'll be OK. If not we'll reassess. I really want to breastfeed at least until I go back to work (12 weeks).

Thanks agian!

Nikki M.
on 4/9/10 3:13 pm
 Hi Liz,
I'm not pregnant or even TTC yet, but I am in the process of titrating off lexapro now. I want to try to be medication free during pregnancy. I have anxiety issues too, similar to yours with panic attacks, some social anxiety etc. Something I thought I would share with you - my psychiatrist recommended I take SAM-E and DHEA daily to assist with weaning off the meds. So far so good. The supplements are supposed to support mood stabilization and help the body make seretonin. I am taking 5 mg less of Lexapro every week, starting at 20mg, then 15, then 10. Tonight I start with 5mg! I havent noticed an increase in my symptoms! She said the SAM-E and DHEA are safe for pregnancy too! Also, I've been sleeping really well lately!
Good luck to you!
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